Mom to Duncan Lewis Garibaldi
November 14th, 2008
Wilmington, NC
My sweet Duncan was born still on November 14 2008 at 35 weeks. He was our third baby and first son. He had very severe cardiac and pulmonary defects that were incompatible with life. The autopsy and pathology report confirmed he had Down Syndrome, which we were not aware of during my pregnancy. 

Upon birth, when he was handed to me, I did think to myself that he looked like he had DS, but I quickly banished the thought thinking it was premature to speculate what went wrong. My instincts were right. I had a very gloom and doom feeling throughout most of my pregnancy. I just felt something wasn’t right.

He was carried with love. He knew only warmth and love. I carried him until his journey with me/us ended and continue to love him. I held, snuggled and kissed him. He was my beautiful boy. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.

I gave birth to our second son, Henry, on December 26 2009. He’s my sweet rainbow baby. He is such a joy and has healed my heart just a little. Duncan can never be replaced, but having my arms full has been healing for me.

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