Become a pen-pal team member

Grieve Out Loud and Faces of Loss have joined forces to create a new voice: Voices of Loss: Pen-Pal Program!

We are currently looking for volunteer voices to join our team of Pen-Pals and would like to hear yours!

What your Voice means to us? Becoming a Pen-Pal Team Member is all about creating connections, supporting families, honoring their story — all the while sharing your OWN stories, memories and advice. You will talk about the good times, the bad times and all the times in between. You might write novels to each other. You might lose touch after awhile. By being a Pen-Pal you will be voicing your feelings together, and healing together as well.

After signing up to become a VOL Pen-Pal, we’ll be matching you up with new babyloss parents as they request to be connected with someone, like you, who ‘gets’ what it’s like to lose a baby, in an intimate, confidential setting.

Interested in joining? Ready to share your unique voice with others?

Leave us a Voice Mail: send your interest to

Thanks so much!

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