Submission FAQs

What types of stories are accepted at Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope?

We will publish stories dealing with miscarriage (including Blighted Ovums, Molar Pregnancies, Ectopic pregnancies, and Chemical Pregnancies), stillbirth, infant loss, up to age 2 (including SIDS), medical termination or termination because of fatal prenatal diagnosis, and failed adoption. If you are unsure if your story belongs on our site, feel free to email us at

What types of stories are NOT accepted at Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope?

While we realize that elective abortion can be a very painful thing, and many women experience great regret later in life and are in need of support, we are not able to publish these stories on our site. Please visit or to connect and find support. Thanks for understanding.

Can I include my living childrens’ birth stories in my story?

No. Many visitors to our site have very recently experienced a loss and are not in a place where they are able to read about successful pregnancies/birth stories. There is a section on our forum where you can talk about your living children.

It’s been over a week since I submitted my story and I don’t see it up on the site. What should I do?

If it’s been over a week, please send an email to, with ‘I don’t see my story’ in the subject line. We will look into it and get back to you as soon as we can!

I have an update I’d like to add to my story; can I do that?

Yes. If you have an update to your story (ie: another loss), please send the new information you’d like us to include, along with the link to your current story on the website, to Please include “story update” in the subject line.

How can I share my story posting on facebook?

It’s really easy! At the bottom of your post, just click on the little facebook icon. You can also share via twitter, email, and more.

Thanks again for sharing your story!

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