Places to Have Your Baby/ies Memorialized

Abiding Hope Collages (“word art” collage with your child’s name)
To Write Their Names in the Sand (a photo of your child’s name written in on the beach in Australia)
Angel Wings Memorial Boutique (beautiful angel wings with your child’s name)
Heaven’s seashells (seashells with your child’s name)
Angel baby names (artistic pictures done with your child’s name)
Vermont Angel’s (pictures of your child’s name on water rocks)
Treasure from my heart (your child’s name with a sea side theme)
Name in the stars (you child’s name in the stars)
Names on the sidewalk (a photo of your child’s name written in chalk)
Waterfall Angel’s (your child’s name written on rock, photo taken by a waterfall)
Treasure Beans (your child’s name hand painted on a rock)
Rose Garden (your child’s name in rose petals)
Portraits by Dana (an artist creates a sketch of your child)
rockaBYEbaby (blocks of your child’s name in an artistic pose)
Angel Baby Memorials (Tribute/memorial videos created in remembrance of your child)
Beyond Words Designs (canvas paintings)
Butterfly Footprints (have your child’s footprints turned into a butterfly image)
Drawn by Debbie (Hand drawn memorial sketches & memorial jewelry)
Project Kj (Photos taken by an angel mom who will add your babies name to them)

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