Physical recovery tips

The following tips and advice were submitted by real women when asked what they wish someone would have told them about the physical recovery process after losing a baby. The raw, honest truth about what it’s like. If you have advice you’d like to add, please send it to, with ‘real advice’ in the subject line. Thanks!

  • “Decongestants (like Tylenol severe head cold) not only dry out your sinuses, but they will dry out milk ducts as well.” -Brittanie
  • “Not having a baby to hold didn’t mean that I hadn’t just physically gone through labor and delivery, and I had to let my body recover from that. I kept trying to push myself to do everything that I would normally do, and got really upset/frustrated when I tired easily and just had to take a break. I had to learn to be patient with my body.” -Brittanie
  • “No one prepared me for what it would be like when my milk came in. I was completely freaked out at first because I had no idea it was coming, being that I didn’t carry full term. The only thing that helped me was ice packs. I would lay in bed with them on my chest.” -Amy
  • “Ask for help! I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to watch your children if you have them or to ask someone to bring you food.” -Rian
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby has a loss section on their web site, they have care packages complete with a “no more milk” tea, healing bath and other products. I wish I had known about it after my loss in 2008.” -Lesley
  • “Sage tincture is also really good for drying up a milk supply.” -Shannon

  • “With a C-Section I would recommend moving around but just not too much. I think that because I had to get up out of my hospital bed, get downstairs to the NICU and then back up to my room again, I begin healing a little faster than those wh…o lay around after their C-Section. But like I said, know your limit and don’t do too much. Letting my body heal after I lost Stella was very difficult. I felt that if I didn’t have a baby to show for my physical pain, then I needed to suck it up and do as much as I could. But I do not recommend that – you are still a mom! Let your body heal!!” -Shanna
  • “If your loss is far enough along that you have a placenta I highly recommend making a smoothy with it. I have done it with several live births so knew I wanted to use emeric’s placenta. It hel…ps to avoid ppd, tones the uterus, replaces iron, etc. It helped me so much. It is not gross, you really can’t taste it. So so worth it! Also after birth I stayed in bed a few days to rest my body (until the burial). I took that time to journal, take baths, and just cry and be alone. It was good for me.” -Nicole
  • “The physical stress of trying to recover from surgery [a C-setion], while planning a funeral made the pain ten times worse. At his funeral…a week after his birth…I wouldn’t leave his side, and a nurse I worked with had to physically sit me down to eat and take a break because my blood pressure was incredibly high and I could barely walk because my feet and ankles were so swollen. My advice is as hard as it may be to function even after a loss, MAKE yourself take time to take care of yourself. Your body went through a lot of physical stress along with the emotional stress you are under. It takes time for both to heal.” -Carrie
  • “I wish I had known about milk banks. For me, I would have liked to have been able to donate some of the milk meant to nourish my own baby and help someo…ne else who’s baby was in a NICU and could have really benefited from it.” -Angie
  • “Get lots of rest, drink lots of water, don’t over-do the physical stuff. If people call on you and ask what they can do ask them to come over and help with a meal, picking up the house, etc. One thing I didn’t expect, was the night sweats and nightmares/vivid dreams. Go to bed with a glass of water by your side, and don’t be afraid to wake up your spouse if you wake up with a dream and need comforting.” -Angie


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