Honoring your baby

There is no wrong way to honor your baby. Here are some ways FOL families have honored their angels.
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Many of us wear a special necklace or bracelet to honor our babies.

  • I have always represented by Angel babies with butterflies. I carry them with me daily with a butterfly charm on my Pandora bracelet. – Jodi
  • I wear a little silver “bean” necklace everyday for the baby I lost at 10 1/2 weeks. – Donna

  • I have a silver moon necklace with a star inside of it- I wear it on the days I miss Colin the most- our little man in the moon, our star in the sky ♥ – Roxanne
  • I have a silver heart ring to remember my twins… – Jennifer
  • I found a beautiful necklace that I wear everyday reminded me that I’m not alone. He is with me always. His memory alone keeps me going. – Jessica
  • I have a ring DH gave me with her name and what would have been her birthstone. – Maria
  • I made an angel wing necklace that I’ve worn everyday since. – Alicia
  • A guy in Alaska designed me a sterling silver Forget-Me-Not flower with a white sapphire in the middle charm necklace that I wear every day. I get comments everyday about it which gives me a chance to talk about my daughter Reese Lynn and infant loss. – Michele

Some of us choose a tattoo as a more permanent way to honor our babies.

  • I got a memory tattoo with my angel name and date of birth and his flower is a white rose. I always buy them when it comes to his anniversary. – Lucy

  • I have a tattoo of Sara’s foot prints. –Beth
  • I have a a tattoo of Leela’s birth flower and angels wings on my back. – Jen
  • I have two butterflies tattooed on my foot in memory of my two angel babies. – Amanda
  • After I lost my first of two babies, I got a tattoo of a baby holding flowers with angel wings on my hip. I think about my babies everyday especially around the dates that I lost them!! – Tabitha
  • Two years ago, on the 5th anniversary, I got a tattoo of my sleeping angel on my right shoulder. She is with me always…Miss you angel. – Isabelle
  • I have a beautiful angel baby tattoo on my lower ( inside) arm with my daughter’s name, Meaghan Olivia, and 5 hearts for my five babies lost to miscarriage. – Lisa

Some families get involved by donating memory boxes or other items to parents that have suffered a loss.

  • My fiance and I are going to make a donation in his/her name every year on what would have been the birth. For our first year, we will donate to a SIDS group a friend of mine works with. – Maureen
  • My baby is why I’m a counselor today. – Carmen
  • I started the memory project making bracelets for angel mummys memory boxes and to offer parents another outlet to speak with other parents. – Twinkle
  • I donate gift bags to the local hospital on 10/15 and release balloons. – Billie Jo
  • I  do a lot of volunteer work with The March Of Dimes. It makes me feel better trying to help so no other family goes through what we did!! – Beth
  • After losing 2 grandbabies, I designed and make “Circle of Love Name Ornaments”. I also sew baby burial gowns for the Mary Madeline Project. – Vicki
  • Helping others with their grief and just being there for them is the best way I can honor my angel. I also donate and make memory boxes and blankets for the hospital for other BLMs. – Rosie


Here are some other creative ways to honor your baby.

  • I light a candle every night at the time my son died. I really do plan to do that for as long as I’m living. – Kelly
  • Planted a tree, wear a necklace, and have my baby boys ashes in our living to kiss goodnight and good morning too. – Andrea
  • I am currently going to school to hopefully become an ultrasound technician. My babies are my inspiration for that. – Allison
  • Every day I honor him by advocating for heart defect testing called pulse ox. I am saving lives in his name. – Ruth
  • I bought a special dolly after my little angel passed away and named it after her, and now it’s one of my 3 year old daughter’s favorite dolly’s. – Marciela
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