Mom to Michael Francis Latterell, II
August 12th, 2010
Nashville, TN
Becoming a mother had always been an ambiguous thought for me growing up, until I met Mike. I felt there was no better way of expressing love for another person than to share yourself in the union of persons and conceive a child. A little piece of us, together, to show and share with the world. Mike was and still is an amazing man and I wanted nothing more than to create a family with him!
We found out we were pregnant on the morning of Jan 14 2010. Mike and I had been in Minnesota visiting his family for the Christmas holidays and were returning home when I realized that I was late for my period. We decided about 8 months earlier when we got engaged to stop using oral contraceptives and begin using NFP (natural family planning). We weren’t getting any younger and we wanted our children to come into our family as they may. Granted we had a wedding date planned, we were ready to become parents no matter what.

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Mom to September, Miscarried on March 4th, 2005 at 12 weeks
October, Miscarried on February 13th, 2006 at 5wks
November, Miscarried on April 8th, 2007 at 6wks 4days
May, Miscarried on August 31st, 2007 at 4wks 
and Pumpkin, Miscarried on April 1st, 2008 at 8wks 4days
Amarillo, Texas

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Mom to Alexander James Struzik
April 17th, 2002
Waterloo, New York
It was amazing to see so many women and there are so many stories, but we all loved our babies. We had a baby boy, Alexander James, 04/17/2002 who we lost to stillbirth. 

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Mom to Lucia Paz Yingst
Died December 21st, 2008
Stillborn December 22nd, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
I remember the day I conceived Lucia. It was a warm Spring morning and the breeze blew across my face. We had been trying for a few months, thinking it would be hard to get pregnant. It only took us four months. I was simply ecstatic with this uneventful, lovely pregnancy. I always wanted to have two daughters, so when we chose Beatrice’s name, we also chose Lucia’s name as well. We were also incredibly excited to find out she was due on my birthday, January 4th. I had predicted many months ago, that my second daughter would be born on winter solstice. My first daughter was born at 37 weeks, and I assumed this baby would be a little early too. 

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Mom to twins, Chloe Danielle and Zoe Grace 
Stillborn at 22 weeks on August 20th, 2007
Due to undiagnosed Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome
Frederick, Maryland
I was 39 years old, working full-time and trying to divide myself between two toddlers, two high school seniors and a full blown (and quite ugly) custody battle over my two elementary school aged daughters who had been kidnapped by their father (my ex) two years prior. My marriage wasn’t exactly the Rock of Gibraltar sort of relationship during that time and honestly having a baby wasn’t exactly in the forefront of my mind. But there I was. Pregnant. Again. 

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Mom to Logan Ray Gill
Stillborn October 6th, 2008
Baytown, Texas
I am a mother and I have two children.
After a very long, disappointing journey and over six years trying to get pregnant, my husband and I turned to IVF as our last hope and it worked!  On March 10, 2008 we found out we were having TWINS.  We had known there was a chance, but still weren’t really expecting that.  Now, not only were we going to have the baby we’d always dreamed of and become a real family, we were going to have TWO babies.  It was shocking to say the least, but I fell in love with both babies instantly.  I went to my many appointments and watched them on the ultrasound screen and moment by moment, image by image, I fell deeper in love.  I already loved them more than I could imagine.   We found out we were having a boy and a girl and we were elated.  We named them Logan Ray and Ella Ann.  Oh how excited we were (and scared)!  I couldn’t wait for them to get here so I could have them in my arms.  I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to have them here, to actually BE a mother like I’d dreamed and hoped for so very long, to know what that felt like. 

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Mom to Angel Baby Squirt- September 15th, 2009
and Angel Baby Turtle- May 9th, 2010
Miami, FL
In August 2009, I started dating Mr. M. After all the heartache I’d been through, he was just what I needed. In September, I found out that I was pregnant. I was both terrified and thrilled. I immediately fell in love with the tiny life growing inside of me. Tragically, I lost the baby at around 6 weeks, before I even had my first OB appointment. I spent a week in the hospital because I had a UTI which caused me to have a “septic abortion”.  At the time, I was more focused on getting well enough to leave the hospital. 

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Mom to Hope
Miscarried on September 16th, 2010 at 16 weeks
Springdale, Arkansas
June 28, 2010 was one of the happiest days of my life. That day my life was changed forever as I sat on the bathroom floor with Stephen, hands shaking, as I held on to the pregnancy test and watched as a faint pink line slowly appeared. My heart was immediately overwhelmed with love for this tiny little life that I was carrying in me, my precious son or daughter.

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Mom to Baby Miscarried July 3rd, 2003
and Baby Lost in the 2nd Trimester on October 9th, 2005
I am writing about my losses in hopes that I may find some sort of closure. I have the most difficulty with my second trimester loss. It has been nearly 5 years since that day, and I still don’t like to talk about it. Here goes…..
July 2003 – My husband and I hadn’t been trying to get pregnant but we weren’t exactly preventing it either. I took a test on 7/2/03 and to my surprise it was positive. I can remember sitting at my mom’s and as I was telling her my good news, I felt a cramp. I went to the restroom and saw that I was bleeding pretty badly. Since it was my 1st pregnancy and I was young, I figured that I had just miscarried and left it at that. I bled for a week or so. I cried when no one was around. I kept hearing…you are young….no worries it will happen….maybe it was for the best. I can’t imagine how that is true but sometimes people don’t know what to say so they just say the wrong thing.  We went on with life and in December found out we were pregnant again. Abram was born in August, he is a wonderful child.

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Mom to Sweet Pea 
Lost August 2nd, 2010
Dallas, Texas

July 21, 2010 is the first date that changed my life.  This was the date that my husband and I found out we were pregnant!  We were so excited, we had tried off and on for about 3 years and the timing just seemed so perfect.  The baby would be due at the end of March 2011 – right as our lives were falling into place again.  (My husband will be starting a new career in February and already has his first job lined up.)  Our families and very close friends were told and everyone was ready to help us start this part of our life journey.

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Mom to Poppy Seed
November 11th, 2009
Bellmore, New York

September 2009 we started to try to start a family. October 2nd we were surprised to get our BFP.  Peter and I were elated. I was shocked that it happened so quickly. We went through the next two weeks on cloud nine.  I loved that we had a secret that no one knew about.  I loved that I had someone growing inside me.  All I ever wanted was to be pregnant.  I always saw myself as a mother, but I mostly wanted to experience the creation of life.

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Twins Miscarried at 9 weeks 4 days on September 16th, 2010
Dayton, Ohio
In 2006, my husband and I found out that we were pregnant with our daughter — we hadn’t been trying and she was a complete surprise.  We actually had been in the midst of planning our wedding and I had mixed feelings about being pregnant.  Of course, after I held her in my arms, I fell in love and have never regretted her in anyway.



Mom to “Teddy” Theodore Joseph Luaders
June 20th, 2010
Quincy, IL
Teddy’s birthday and death day was on Father’s Day this year.  I was almost 35 weeks pregnant with Teddy.  I hadn’t felt Teddy move that morning, and I worried all morning, thinking he would start moving soon, but called the on-call doctor after lunch.

At the hospital I was hooked up to the machines and there was his heartbeat, and it looked good!  But he wasn’t moving.  The on-call doctor came in.  As soon as he came in and saw the tape with Teddy’s heart rate tracings, he said we need to have a C-section, an emergency c-section, right now.  What a shock!  But I was less scared then than I was when I was at home feeling no movement.  I knew he was alive, I knew he would be taken care of, and I knew he was old enough to survive even though he was early.  He would be ok now.  So I called my husband and told him and he was totally unprepared too, we weren’t expecting him for 5 more weeks!  Both of our other sons were late!  He went about making the phone calls, getting the babysitter, getting his mom and sister to come, throwing together things we might need – we didn’t even have a bag ready for the hospital yet.

In the next several minutes I was wheeled down to the C-section room, they called my doctor (Dr. K) to see if she wanted to come in, and she did!  She got there so quickly and I remember her saying, “I’m here,” and it was like my mom had said it, don’t worry honey, I’m here.  Nurses were rushing everywhere and getting everything ready and then they put me out.

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Mom to Carleigh McKenna
Born Still March 28th, 2009
SW Ohio
This is the story of my precious daughter, Carleigh McKenna, who was diagnosed with anencephaly in utero on December 15, 2008 and born still on March 28, 2009.

Carleigh’s story actually begins before she was even conceived. It begins back when God was preparing me for her not long after her sister Kyndra’s birth on January 10, 2008. During this time I came across stories of families who had received a fatal prenatal diagnosis and chose to carry to term. I poured over these stories. I read more about their diagnoses. I just felt drawn to them. I would’ve told you then that nothing like that would ever happen to me. Stuff like that always happens to other people. Boy, was I wrong.
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Mommy to Aiden Kristopher
Born November 1st, 2008
Got his wings December 15th, 2008
Mesa, Arizona
My boyfriend and I were only 9 months into our relationship when I found out I was pregnant. I remember feeling happy and scared all at the same time, afraid of how he would take the news. Once I told him all scared feelings went out the window when a smile lit up his face. From that point on everything was going great, we found that we were going to have a little boy and we couldn’t have been any happier. 

At 38 weeks I went in for an ultrasound and they said that he was really small and I needed to go to a high risk Dr and have another ultrasound and have an NST. I went and had the ultrasound and they said everything was good and that he was just on the small side the first NST went good as well. Later that week I went in for the second NST and was sent over to the hospital to have a 4 hour NST, I was contracting and his heart rate was dropping each time. I called my boyfriend he was out of town for work, I told him what was going on and that he may need to come home. I got to the hospital and did the 4 hour test and was then told that I was going to be induced that I was far enough along that he felt comfortable with delivering him. Daddy made it home and to the hospital in time, labor took some time but we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy weighing 5lbs 6ozs, he was little but so perfect. That morning I was taught the true meaning of love at first sight, I was a mommy truly blessed, life couldn’t have been better!

The morning of December 15th my whole world came crashing down on me! I woke up and picked Aiden up, he was lifeless he was not breathing and I couldn’t feel a pulse. I got my phone and called 911, they arrived very fast and began to work on him. They transported him to the hospital, I was taken there by the police officers that were there, when we arrived they sat me down that when the Dr. told me that he was gone it was the hardest thing I would ever have to hear that my son at only 6 weeks old was gone. I would no long be able to hold him in my arms, kiss him goodnight, feed or change him, I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it. I don’t remember much after that it is all just a blur I was then taken to my neighbors house until my boyfriend who was out of state got home. They did tests and an autopsy on him, they found nothing wrong and ruled it as SIDS.

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Mom to Noah (preemie), Born at 34 weeks on January 5th, 2009
Sweet Pea, due July 25th, 2010, Lost December 24th, 2009 
and Baby Bean, due December 1st, 2010, Lost April 19th, 2010
Topeka, Kansas
At 18 years old, I was told it would be hard for me to conceive. I have PCOS and needed medication. 

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Mom to Harley Elizabeth 

Born June 24th, 2009 and Died August 10th, 2009
Coral Springs, Florida
Twin to twin transfusion syndrome or TTTS is a disease of the placenta that affects only identical twins sharing a placenta…this is Hannah’s and Harley’s story.. 
Chris and I found out we were pregnant 28th of Dec 2008..We were not planning it but we were very happy!!! Our first sonogram was the first week of January and since fraternal twins run on both sides of the family we knew at least that kind of twins were possible (Chris has a twin sister as well) the sonogram tech assured us that there was only one baby one heart beat. When I was 12 weeks I had an apt with a perinatologist ,the tech put the wand on my stomach and after a few minutes said, there’s 1 and there’s the other– I said “other what”? she said other baby!!! i said “what other baby”? she said ‘oh you didn’t know you were having twins”?  I told her matter of factly “does it look like I know I was having twins???  This I regret saying every day and wish i didn’t freak out as much as i did.  After the scan the doctor talked to us about all the twin things that can happen and confirmed that they were identical sharing a placenta.  She told us of TTTS and said, but don’t worry about it its very rare, it probably won’t happen but we have to tell you about it.

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Mummy to Catharine Ellen 
Born too early on June 11th, 2005 at 17 weeks
and Isla McKenzie 
Born sleeping on September 9th, 2010 at 23.2 weeks
Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Three weeks ago last night I gave birth to my second baby girl too early for life outside the womb.
Five years previous my waters broke and I delivered our second child, Catharine Ellen.

Catharine’s Story written in 2005.

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Mommy to Beckett
Born May 4th, 2009, Passed September 2nd, 2009
Ontario, Canada

We found out early September 2008 that we were expecting. This was a welcomed surprise after almost 12 months of trying.
Pregnancy was relatively easy – no morning sickness, no cravings or odd symptoms.  I did have spotting throughout the first 4 months, but they never found any reason for it.  

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