Our Little Angel, Miscarried August 25th, 2010
Albany, New York
My husband and I have 2 daughters, ages 5 1/2 and 3 years old.  We were always surprised by their pregancies.  When we found out we were pregnant with our 3rd baby, we had so many emotions running through our minds. Exciement, anticipation, we were scared, we were sad, we were happy.  In the back of my mind I knew something was not quite right, even from the very beginning.  I had spotting at 4 weeks when I found out I was pregnant.  I had cramps and bleeding everyday.  I went to the dr., went to the specialists, and had a few ultrasounds.  I was told everything looked good.  My HCG numbers were doubling as they should.  I just could not shake the feeling that something was wrong.
On Monday, August 23, I went for my ultrasound at 7 weeks, I saw the baby, a strong heartbeat and the dr. said everything looked great.  That Wednesday, I was at a Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Day event that had been created in honor of my dad, as he is a TBI survivor.  I went to the bathroom, and was passing huge blood clots.  I feared the worst.  I called my dr.  they told me to come right in, when I got there, they did an ultrasound immediately.  I had taken my dad with me.  For the past 2 years since his accident I have been acting as his caretaker, I never imagined, that the one day I needed my dad the most, he would be able to be my caretaker again.

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Mom to Grace Elizabeth Lynn Mitchell
September 17th, 2010
London, Ontario, Canada
When Steven and I found out we were pregnant. It was a surprise, but not one of those surprises where your mind wanders in a million places not knowing what to do. We looked at each other smiled and told each other everything would be ok. Telling our parents, family and friends was very nerve wracking not knowing what the reactions would be. Pleased to know everyone was very happy and supportive.

My pregnancy progressed very fast, doing everything right. Taking my vitamins, getting rest and limiting stress as much as possible. Our doctors’ appointments were always the funniest, knowing that each one was one step closer to getting to meet our bundle of joy. When we found out that we were having a beautiful baby girl. We were so excited, began our future planning. We picked out a perfect name for her, Grace Elizabeth Lynn, my due date was September.24th, 2010.

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Mom to identical twin boys
Born and died May 31st, 2009 at 22 weeks 5 days
Marlborough, Massachusetts
My husband Matthew and I grew up a town away from each other. In fact, we were high school rivals. He was an identical twin, so I always heard about the twins or Matt & John the twins….being at the age of 14, 15 everyone had crushes on the twins.

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Mom to Elliot Alexander
August 13th, 2010
Woodland, California
I always thought getting pregnant would be easy, and I was so excited when my husband and I decided to try to start our family in December 2008.  After six months with no success, I made an appointment with my doctor because I knew something was off.  The doctor prescribed Clomid for me in late October 2009.  I was really discouraged after we didn’t have success with my first Clomid cycle.  In late November, I started my second Clomid cycle.  On December 20, 2009, I woke up excited that I hadn’t started my period.  I took a pregnancy test and waited, expecting a negative result.  I was shocked when the second line appeared!  I woke my husband up and we were both so happy, although I was also absolutely terrified! 

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Missed Miscarriage January 25th, 2010
Braselton, Georgia

Face of loss: From the moment I got married, my husband and I had started picking out baby names and had talked frequently about starting a family. I felt like we needed to wait a couple years and have some “couple” time, and he wanted to start right away. Fortunately for me, I won that argument and managed to hold off on trying for a baby for just over 2 years after our wedding in October of 2007. When our 2 year anniversary came, we really sat down and discussed what our “plan” was going to be. We agreed to start trying in January of 2010, but also decided that for the remainder of 2009 (it was only November and December left, after all), we would take the course of “not trying, not preventing”.
In mid-December, on a Tuesday, a few days before I expected my period, I had an episode of random nausea at work. I had never experienced anything like it before – I was sitting at my desk working, and then out of nowhere, I was convinced I was going to throw up on my desk. For the next two hours, I battled the feeling of “about to throw up any second”. I thought that was particularly strange, and the first thing that popped into my mind was “Am I pregnant?”. I decided to stop by the drug store on the way home and grab a box of pregnancy tests. I was so anxious that I took one as soon as I got home. It was negative. I shrugged it off and decided that maybe I just had a bad lunch. Plus, I had bought a box with 2 tests, so I knew I could take another one later if I still felt like something was different.

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Mom to 3 Angels
June 1999
March 2000
October 2009
Orlando, Florida

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Mom to Payton Alexa
January 21st, 2010
Denver, Colorado
My husband, Dustin, and I were married on January 4, 2007. A year later, we were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Tatum. We wanted our two children to be close in age. Therefore,15 months later, we decided to expand our family. My doctor changed my medications and advised us to wait one month before conceiving. Giving myself a shot twice a day in exchange for a healthy baby- no problem.

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Mom to Isla Michaela
Died June 30th, 2009, Born July 1st, 2009
“Peanut” Miscarried December 8th, 2008
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Mom to Allyn Elizabeth
August 16th, 2010
Colwich, Kansas
On July 28th, 2010 we found out we were expecting our third baby! We were ecstatic! We had been trying for this baby for almost a year. 

 On August 15th, a Sunday afternoon/evening while out golfing with family i started to have an unbearable stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. We were leaving, my dad and step-mother agreed to keep our Daugher and our Son with them, we thought we were just gonna go and lie down and see if it got better. As we were leaving the parking lot, I knew that was not the case and told my Husband that we were going to the ER. We went into the small town ER and my Husband had to run and find someone to help. When we finally go into a bed it was forever before a Dr came in and then we were sent for an ultrasound. While the ultrasound was being done they then started an IV. The ultrasound tech could not find anything and she said that we were still early enough that her machine just might not be high powered enough, but that we should prepare for the possibility of an ectopic. I asked her (more like begged her) “please, can’t it just be gas, can’t you just give me something and it will be better?” She said it could be anything. The Dr came back and said that he wanted us sent to Wichita by ambulance, that if it was an ectopic they would be better equipped to handle the situation. Secretly I think they knew it was and knew that they could not handle the situation, but were still trying to give me some hope. So forever later (not really, but when you are in that kind of pain with the possibility of losing your baby, things can not possibly move fast enough) we were loaded up in the ambulance. Dad had come to the ER and said that they would keep the kids and get the car moved and everything.

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Mom to Isabella Liahanna Miller
May 24th, 2008
Fayeteville, West Virginia
May 24th 2008

It is Dakota’s (my niece) birthday and we have a small party for her at our house, we have a few presents and a fewer less people but my sister was taking her cake that I made to a friends house to have it there….my uncle David was here because it was a Saturday, you mostly only see my Uncle David on Saturdays’..

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Mom to Zachary
Born Sleeping July 8th, 2009 at 36 weeks 5 days
Montreal, Canada
When our daughter was about to turn 5 we decided that it was time for us to have another baby. We were fortunate enough to get pregnant the first month of trying. Everything was going great, no morning sickness, no complications, a textbook pregnancy. At our 20 week scan we found out that we were expecting a little boy and we were THRILLED! 

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Mom to Eva Anise
March 6th, 2007 – April 4th, 2007
Vienna, Virginia
Given my irregular cycle, diffident personality and generally low expectations, I thought it would take some time, perhaps a year, before we would get pregnant. It happened the first cycle. Both times. Aside from my stint on a jury, my first pregnancy was uneventful. My second pregnancy was anything but.

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Mom to Kristen McKenna
Became an Angel September 5th, 2008
I was told for most of my teen and adult life that I would never be able to have children… This news broke my heart… The one thing in life that I always wanted to be was a mommy… I had given up all hope… After all I was almost 30 and beginning to think that maybe God’s plans for me didn’t include having children… 

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Mom to TanaLee
Born November 13th, 2009, Died June16th, 2010
Portland, Oregon

Just two weeks after getting married I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I always talked about having children, but little did we know getting pregnant would change our lives forever. When I was about 2 months along the ultrasound tech noticed that my daughters umbilical cord wasn’t positioned in the middle of my placenta. Doctors came in to assure me that this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing that would hurt my baby, but it just meant that I would need to eat more than usual because the baby would have a harder time getting nutrition because of the placement of the umbilical cord. I left the hospital clinic that day feeling nervous but I trusted the Doctors knew what they were talking about.

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Mom to Alyssa Marie Sams
April 30th, 2003
Bentonville, Arkansas
On April 30, 2003, I lost my precious baby girl, Alyssa. Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted babies. 
My time came, and left with a pain almost unbearable. 

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October 15th…Tomorrow!

Hey Everyone!
Can you believe it’s already October 15th tomorrow!? One more day until National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. We are so, so thankful for everyone’s amazing support of our first annual I AM THE FACE campaign so far.

Thank you for all the work you’ve done promoting this cause on your blogs, facebook, twitter, support forums, etc, over the last few weeks. The internet is definitely buzzing with our message!

Through this campaign, we are showing the world that pregnancy/infant loss is very common. And that while it’s incredibly sad, it’s not something anyone needs to be ashamed of. Just like breast cancer survivors, we are all survivors too. It wasn’t long ago that breast cancer was a taboo subject, and look at it today! You can’t escape the pink if you tried! :) We’re confident that if we all continue to unite as one collective voice, baby loss will one day too be a perfectly acceptable thing to talk about in our society. That soon, no one will feel like they are alone in their grief.

So please, we ask that tonight, on the eve of October 15th, you make one of the following badges your profile picture on facebook (and wherever else you go online!), and keep it up all day tomorrow, National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

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Mom to Baby Wells, January 24th, 2003
and Avery Gayle Wells, July 13th, 2005
Tomball, Texas
In 2002 we decided to have another baby. My youngest of 2 had been such a handful that we waited awhile to have another. Nov 02 I stopped taking my bc pills. We figured we’d give it some time to get them out of my system and then aim for getting pregnant in January. We wanted an October baby!
I ended up getting pregnant right away and the baby was due in August. Around 8 weeks I started spotting and at 10 weeks Jan 24, 2003, I miscarried. I cried for months. Actually I cried till I got pregnant again in June 03 and on March 15, 2004 I gave birth to a perfect little boy.. Max!

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Story of HOPE
Deanna ~ River’s Run and Ride Rally
Mommy to River Daniel
04/30/09 – 05/06/09
River passed away due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) at only six days old.  We started a fundraiser in his memory called River’s Run and Ride Rally.  This has helped us give back to our community and Faith’s Lodge as well as The Compassionate Friends Organization.  Both organizations have been so supportive to us through our journey.

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Story of HOPE
june&july 002.JPG

Ashley ~ Mom to twins  
Cade and Nylah born 3/21/10
Nylah died on June 20, 2010

My daughter Nylah passed away of SIDS on Father’s Day June 20, 2010.  In order to work through my grief I go visit her almost every day.   We also have pictures of her all around our home, and talk about her often. 

This has helped me heal because I am able to talk with people about her and not cry the second I mention her name or think of her.  Going to visit her as much as I can has really helped and moving back home where she passed away has helped as well.  Being in the last place that she was and remembering her all the time helps.  We love her so much and continue to show this by being everywhere we can in order to still feel close to her.

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First baby went to heaven January 7th, 2010
Second baby went to heaven May 18th, 2010
On January 5th, 2010, at 10 weeks 2 days pregnant I went to the doctor for my first appointment. First we went over everything that would happen throughout the pregnancy such as when ultrasounds and blood work would be. After going over all of this, and my medical history, they led me to the ultrasound room. Everything was so exciting. I couldn’t wait to finally see my little nugget growing inside of me.  Part of me became concerned when the doctor got quiet, but I tried to dismiss it. When she told me that she couldn’t find a heart beat I was shocked and confused. “What does this mean?” I asked, tears welling in my eyes. She explained that I had had a miscarriage. For the first time I learned what a missed miscarriage was. I didn’t understand how that could happen. I thought that having a miscarriage meant you bled and lost the baby. I had no idea something could go wrong and the baby could die with little or no signs. “Her” heart had stopped beating and she had stopped growing at 9 weeks 1 day.

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