For Group Leaders

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Order customized Group Leader business cards:

If you are a Group Leader and would like to order personal business cards, please click n the link below. You will have the option of customizing the cards; make sure you replace the placeholder text with your name and contact information. Business cards are available through our Zazzle shop for $16.95 per pack of 100. If you would like business cards but are unable to purchase them yourself, please talk to Annette at and we may be able to help cover the costs for you. Thanks!

Request Face2Face postcards:
If you are in need of more Face2Face informational postcards, please email Annette Franzen, Groups Coordinator at Please include your mailing address and the number of postcards needed.
Edit your Groups’ directory listing:
If you need to make changes to your groups’ directory listing, please email  changes to Annette Franzen, Groups Coordinator at

We have a Facebook group just for you!:
We have started a new Facebook group for group leaders to connect, share ideas and share information! If you are a group leader, please request to join.
Tips, ideas, helpful links:
Coming soon!

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