Mom to Hope Snider

July 23rd, 2011

Portsmouth, Virginia

My angel daughter, Hope, was stillborn on July 23, 2011 at 20.4 weeks.  At 17.5 weeks, I went to see my doctor because I was having some bleeding. I was diagnosed with a small placental abruption (a condition where the placenta begins to pull away from the uterus). At that time they were not too concerned because it was so small. I was ordered to do no heavy lifting or exercise and to just take it easy. I did that, but ended up back at the doctors a few days later with some cramping and continued bleeding. At that point, they put me on a modified bed rest to try and get everything under control. [Read more…]



Mom to  Lucas Allan Tucker

Born still on June 8, 2011

Danville, Virginia

On June 6th, 2011 -I was 22 weeks pregnant. After not feeling movement over the weekend, I called the doctor just to be cautious. After having two kids already I figured it was probably nothing. Just to ease my mind, the doctor told me to come in. As I lay on the table sort of anxious, the doctor used the Doppler to search for an audible heartbeat. I honestly expected to hear that sound just as I …had heard at all my other visits. Afterall, I just had an ultrasound two weeks prior and everything was fine. She searched and searched — the only heartbeat heard was my own. [Read more…]



Mom to Rowan

June 15th, 2011

Culpeper, Virginia

My baby was taken too soon from us.  From the moment our first son was conceived, we knew we wanted another baby less than two years apart.  We wanted brothers who grew up as best friends.  Or, a big brother who’d protect his little sister at any cost.  We decided to start trying, again, in March.  April came and my period arrived.  May came.  I waited and I waited.  No period.  I tested every single day.  Negative every time.  Finally, on May 21, I got the faintest pink line.  I took another test two days later.  That same day I took a digital and confirmed with a big, fat “YES+”.  We were more than over-joyed. [Read more…]


Mother to Brennan Esther
Stillborn January 19, 2011
Burke, Virginia

My husband and I found out we were expecting our first child in September of 2010. I started a blog as letters to my baby so that one day she could read her birth story from day one. I never thought the letters would end up chronicling the life and death of my first born. Some girls dream of their wedding day but all I ever dreamed of was becoming a mother. [Read more…]



Mom to 8 angels

December 2008

March, May, September 2009

March, June, September 2010

May 2011

Alexandria, VA

I believe that we sometimes find ourselves in a place that never occured to us as possible. We prepare ourselves for so many things, “girding our loins” so to speak for many different scenarios….yet this one never truly seems to be a possibility.  [Read more…]


Mom to Caris AnnaBelle Tate
January 30th, 2011 – February 5th, 2011
Newport News, Virginia
I had the best pregnancy of anyone I have ever met. I never had any morning sickness, I didn’t gain a lot of weight, I always took my vitamins, I saw my doctor a couple times a month… the only issue my husband and I thought we may be facing is possible Down Syndrome, which was mentioned at our 20-week ultrasound. While that came as a huge blow to us (I cried every night for Caris, praying that if she did have Down Syndrome, that the Lord would bless her with the ability to still enjoy life to the fullest).

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Mother to Liam Ellis
Born and Died February 16th, 2011 at 7:35PM
Arlington, Virginia
Our story begins in October of 2010 when my fiance Jordan and I found out we were pregnant. We were excited, but also scared. This was our first pregnancy and we had no idea the amount of love we would experience for our baby. I had nausea a lot early in pregnancy and as we reached 15 weeks, my nausea subsided and I started to enjoy all aspects of my pregnancy. I felt so happy and full of life (literally). At around 16-17 weeks I started having some pain in my lower abdomen area but when I told my doctor and researched online, I was told it was round ligament pain and dismissed. It subsided slowly until it was gone.

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Mom to Judy Amena
Born Still December 22nd, 2010
Arlington, Virginia
I became pregnant with my first child in April, 2010. My husband and I were thrilled and the pregnancy was unbelievably easy for the first several months. All of my prenatal appointment went well and I never had morning sickness or any seriously bothersome symptoms. Like every new mother, I was very anxious to see my baby, and so I did an elective 3-d ultrasound around 18 weeks. We found out we were having a girl, and I was thrilled. However, the first tech left us for a very long time during the ultrasound and when she came back in she had her co-worker with her. The co-worker was acting very strangely with us, but neither said a word about what they saw as the continued the ultrasound. When my mother asked if the baby looked okay, she simply waved her hands back and forth and said “we don’t EVEN LOOK for that sort of thing”. Although I noticed that their behavior was very strange, I was so excited that ignored it completely.

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Mom to Triplets
David, born still on April 12, 2008
Lucas, April 12, 2008 to May 9, 2008
Chilhowie, Virginia

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Mom to Harper Grace
July 8th, 2008
Front Royal, Virginia

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11    That is my life verse.  A verse I have treasured ever since I became a Christian many years ago.   I knew that choosing to accept Jesus as my personal Savior didn’t mean that I would suddenly lead a charmed life, free from heartaches or suffering, but I truly never thought I would have to go through  what our family did in 2007-2008.  

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Mom to Marcus Sammuel Dwight
Born Still on August 31, 2010
Centreville, Virginia
“Why are you drinking that coffee drink?” asked my friend Janice, as I was sitting down at my desk for work. “Oh, because I haven’t felt Marcus move this morning so I am trying to give him a jump start. It’s decaf, I just want the cold and sweet to hopefully get him moving!” was my response. After that came the question of when was the last time I felt him move and that is when it hit me. At first I did not panic or think too much about it. I just thought to myself and tried to remember the answer. As I thought really hard, I realized that I had last felt him move the the afternoon of the day before. Again, I did not panic but continued talking to Janice. She came over to me and started poking at my belly to see if she could get Marcus to move. Five minutes go by and nothing. That is when I actually started to worry. Janice gives me a look and says that I should call my doctor.

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Mom to Moriah Pearl
Born and passed on December 3rd, 2010 at 21 weeks
and an Ectopic Pregnancy
Hampton, Virginia
I am a wife, sister, daughter, and an amazing friend. I am married to the love of my life Aaron, we have been together for two years. We were married November 15, 2008 after a whirlwind long distance relationship. We grew up and graduated together but were just good friends. Fate had it that I would text him one day 3 years after last seeing him, 9 months later we wed. God has blessed me with the opportunity to wed my best friend. We knew immediately we wanted to start a family but I was nervous as I had PCOS which is a condition effecting the ovaries…

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Mom to Mackenzy Lee Aiken
Lost October 29th, 2010 at 18 weeks
Pulaski, Virginia
My name is Kristy and I am 29 years old.  I have two daughters Kalee and Mackenzy.
I wanted kids really close in age and I really wanted two kids by 30.  You know how the timelines go.  It took us 6 months to get pregnant with our first daughter so I knew I would want to try earlier with the second.  On August 7, 2010 I found out I was pregnant with my second child.  August 7, 2008 was the day our first daughter was conceived so that date was kind of cool.  We were shocked that this only took ONE try and we were pregnant.  We were so excited.

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Mom to Baby Hooper
Lost July 27th, 2007
South Riding, Virginia
Never in a million years did I think I would have to tell this story-now I feel like it’s my time to let this all out of my heart.

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Mom to Addison Breann
Born still on August 27, 2010
Berryville, Virginia

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Biochemical Pregnancy – January 2006
Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy -April 2006
Early Miscarriage – July 2006
Biochemical Pregnancy – December 2006
Ectopic Pregnancy – September 2007
Early Miscarriage- October 2010

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Mom to
Sweat Pea, Lost September, 2009 at 8 weeks
Baby Girl: Lost February, 2010 at 10 weeks
Baby Girl: Lost September, 2010 at 9 1/2 weeks
Purcellville, Virginia

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Mom to Savannah Jolynne Dodson
Stillborn on January 23rd, 2008 due to ARPKD
Miscarriage – May 2004
Miscarriage – April 2005
Miscarriage – September 2005
Ectopic Pregnancy – November 2005

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Mother to Katherine Rose Mooney Thelin
Born March 18th, 2008
Died March 16th or 17th, 2008
Fairfax, Virginia

I found out I was pregnant with my first child, Katie, on July 14, 2007.  It was the first time I had ever been pregnant and I was so excited.  I remember going out to buy “What to Expect When you are Expecting” on the very first day!  My husband and I had just celebrated our 2 year wedding annversary and we were both thrilled to be expecting a little one. 

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Mom to Eva Anise
March 6th, 2007 – April 4th, 2007
Vienna, Virginia
Given my irregular cycle, diffident personality and generally low expectations, I thought it would take some time, perhaps a year, before we would get pregnant. It happened the first cycle. Both times. Aside from my stint on a jury, my first pregnancy was uneventful. My second pregnancy was anything but.

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