Mommy to Beckett

April 7, 2010 – August 9, 2010

Louisville, CO

After having one boy and three girls and deciding that we were done having kids… I changed my mind in the summer of 2009.  I really wanted to try one more time for a boy; my son desperately wanted a brother. [Read more…]


Mom to Annie Grace

Stillborn October 4, 2011

St. Paul, Minnesota

 I was sitting at a restaurant with my daughter, my mom, and my husband. A young girl, probably around four, started belting out the lyrics to ”Tomorrow” from my favorite childhood movie, Annie. “The sun will come out tomorrow,” she sang. Tears streamed down my face. Just days earlier, my daughter was stillborn. Her name was Annie.

I’ll start from the beginning. [Read more…]


Mom to Brody Michael

Born Sleeping on August 21st, 2011

Ford City, Pennsylvania

Brody’s Story

Brody Michael Lukehart was a well planned baby. His father and I had some trouble trying to conceive but then magically two months after we got married, our miracle came. I had stopped wanting to take pregnancy tests because time after time, I was just let down. I could hardly believe it. Instantly, I turned into a mother. I became the healthiest I have ever been. I thought twice about everything I ate, drank, and did. I knew I wanted to stay at home so my life drastically changed. I researched everything I could about breastfeeding and became very proud of the fact that I could nourish my child with God given nutrients. I had his room planned out in my head. Frogs would be the theme. I had consumed myself with planning for Brody’s arrival all while having a strong intuition that I would never actually bring him home. I don’t know if it was a mother’s intuition, my own personal feelings of pessimism, or just God’s way of preparing me for the worst pain I would ever feel in my entire life. [Read more…]


Mom to Olivia May

May 5th, 2011 – September 20th, 2011

Wichita, Kansas

Olivia was born at 27 weeks due to a placental abruption. My water had unknowingly broke 2 weeks prior also. Since her birth was rushed there was no time for steroid shots to help her lungs so she was born very frail but filled with determination. [Read more…]


Mom to Daniel Thomas

July 19th, 2011

Wyoming, Michigan

I was 14 weeks pregnant driving home from my parents’ house with my two year old daughter, when I was rear ended. It was really just a “bump”, I had thought at the time. Everyone was ok, and we left the scene unharmed. I called my OB to let them know what happened, and asked if they thought I should be seen. The doctor on call, who was not my personal doctor, but a partner said, “I would definitely think you should come in and be sure everything is ok. After all, wouldn’t you feel terrible if you had a miscarriage in a week?” [Read more…]


Mother of Sam Polley

October 23rd, 2010 – October 24th, 2010

Cape Town, South Africa

Saturday the 23rd October 2010 started as any other day. I set off to my much awaited baby shower that morning and friends marvelled as they felt both babies moving around. I left the baby shower and went home to collect the cribs to take back to my parents house. I had a rest and when I got up late afternoon, I felt very restless and uncomfortable. I lay on the couch for a bit, feeling frustrated, tired and like I had had enough! I decided to have a bath. As I got out of the bath, I had a really strong contraction which caused my whole stomach to tense. So much so that I couldn’t bend down and pick stuff up off the floor.  [Read more…]


Mom to  Lucas Allan Tucker

Born still on June 8, 2011

Danville, Virginia

On June 6th, 2011 -I was 22 weeks pregnant. After not feeling movement over the weekend, I called the doctor just to be cautious. After having two kids already I figured it was probably nothing. Just to ease my mind, the doctor told me to come in. As I lay on the table sort of anxious, the doctor used the Doppler to search for an audible heartbeat. I honestly expected to hear that sound just as I …had heard at all my other visits. Afterall, I just had an ultrasound two weeks prior and everything was fine. She searched and searched — the only heartbeat heard was my own. [Read more…]

Wanda Wieser

Mom to  Harris Grayson

March 22, 2011

Calgary, AB


I found out I was pregnant about a month after our daughter turned two. We were so happy to find out that she was going to have a sibling (which we later found out would be a brother!) and couldn’t wait to have our summer baby, due July 24th, 2011. [Read more…]




Mom to Jairus Irvin who was stillborn

December 28, 2010

Roseville, MN

When I was 35 weeks pregnant, I gazed at my son for the first time. But it was too late, he was already gone… [Read more…]

Mom to Baby Miscarried June 12th, 2009
and Jada Sophia
Stillborn July 21st, 2010
Hillsboro, Ohio
Me and my Husband have been married for 8 years and we had been trying to have a child for 9 years. After a year of trying on our own I knew something was wrong so I went to my OBGYN and was told I was still young and that it will happen. I was 21 at the time. So I figured it was all in my head and for years I never went back to a doctor. 

[Read more…]

Mom to Kayla LeAnne
December 1, 2009
and David Joseph
September 20th, 2010 – January 20th, 2011
Parma Heights, Ohio

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Mom to Joshua Michael
Born and Died November 16th, 2010
My name is Kassandra Travis and I am 27 years old. My husband, Michael and I were married secretly in February 2010 and shortly afterwards found out we were expecting in December 2010. A Christmas Day baby at that! 
 I was a single mommy to my handsome little man 4 year old Kaleb prior to meeting Michael. We feel in love fast and decided that the hassle of wedding planning wasn’t for us.  Michael welcomed Kaleb into his life, as if he was his from the start. I knew after seeing their bond grew from the start, I wanted to add to the family. Little did I know it would be shortly afterwards.
In mid April 2010, I started noticing that my smelling abilities were becoming those of hunting dogs. I could smell the smallest amount of anything to the greatest details. Michael would tease me about it and I always shrugged it off until the thought of it, hit me in the middle of the night. My senses did the exact same thing when I was pregnant with Kaleb. I took a pregnancy test the next day, on my lunch hour and it instantly turned positive. There was no having to wait for 3 minutes to determine it. I had so many emotions running through my head. From here we go again to trying to figure out how exactly to share it with Mike.  Considering none of our friends or families knew we had got married several months prior, they were in for two surprises.

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Mom to David Allen
Stillborn January 11th, 2010
Gilmer, Texas

My name is Amber Watts and I am the mother to a beautiful Angel Baby named David Allen.  My Husband, Bill and I have been together for 13 wonderful years. When we met, I was 18 and he was 32. Even with the age difference, we knew we were meant to be together. He had been married before and had 3 kids with his first wife. After their third child, he had a vasectomy. So when we met 6 years later, I knew he couldn’t have kids. At 18 I didn’t care. Back then I thought I would never want kids! After a few years of being together the ol’ maternal clock started ticking and there was nothing I wanted more than to be a mom! So we started searching for doctors that did vas-reversals.
We soon discovered that we couldn’t afford to have it done! Well, after years of hoping and praying for an answer, in 2008 we finally found a doctor that was willing to do it at his Christian-based clinic in New Braunfels, TX for only $1000. Three months later we had it done. We were both so excited!  I was finally going to have the chance to be a mom!

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Mom to Jesse Gabriel
December 19th, 2009
Westminster, Colorado
My husband, Billy, and I were married on June 21, 2008. The first day of summer. One year later to the day, we decided that it was time to start to grow our family. In September, I found myself in the bathroom, staring with disbelief at the home pregnancy test. There were two lines. Two lines! When I told Billy, it was still with disbelief, not wanting to allow myself to get my hopes up too much. We decided to do a second one, you know, in case the first was a fluke. The result was the same, but Billy insisted I go get one of the tests that had the words on them. “Pregnant” Twice. Four pregnancy tests, all positive. Can’t get much more sure than that!

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Mom to Nicholas James “Dinosaur” Whitaker
November 4th, 2010
Arab, Alabama
My name is Kassidy Lynn Whitaker and I am 25 year old.  My husband’s name is Kevin Michael Whitaker and he is 26 years old.  We began dating as seniors in high school and have been together ever since.  I guess you could say we are high school sweethearts.  We were married on June 24, 2006.  I am a teacher in a local school system and Kevin works for a missile defense contractor on Redstone Arsenal.  Kevin and I were blessed with our first baby boy, Russ, in December 2007. We knew we wanted more children, but because of complications during my first pregnancy we decided to wait a few years.
In November 2009 we decided Russ was getting to an age where he needed a sibling to play with. In March 2010, we found out we were expecting another baby. We were all so excited!  We took Russ with us to our first appointment and all shared in the excitement of seeing our new baby on the ultrasound. Russ quickly decided we should name the baby “Lucy Dinosaur”. We were not sure where this name came from, but Russ insisted this was the baby’s name. Russ went to most of the appointments with me and he loved hearing the baby’s heartbeat. Everyone was positive I was having a girl this time, but I kept telling them it was another boy. 

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Mom to Joshua Wayne Jr.
August 19th, 2010
Independence, Missouri
Hello, my name is Lauren. I am 27, the mother of 2 crazy kids and the wife to a wonderful supportive man, Josh.  We have been married 6 and a half years now. I had my daughter in 2005, suffered from an early miscarriage in 2007, and had my son in 2008.

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Mom to Gavin Hunter
November 21, 2010
Goshen, Indiana
I guess my story starts in 2005 when I meet my husband Eddie. I already had a son when I meet him and we had our 2nd son in 2006. In March of 2010 we got married at the church that we attend. We had been talking for a year about wanting to have another baby but wanted to wait till after we got married so we started trying after the wedding. It took a couple months but sure an enough a couple days after my birthday I took a test and it was positive. We were so happy that we were having another little Stephenson growing inside me. We told all the family and close friends but wanted to wait till after the first 12 weeks to tell our boys just in case I would miscarry, we didn’t want to get there hopes up just to let them down. But after the 12 weeks came and went we thought we were safe so we told them. They were so excited that they were going to have a new brother or sister.
My pregnancy was a lot different then my other 2 sons my attitude changed a lot I was really getting depressed and was taking a lot of stress out on my husband since he was the closest one to me. I had made my first appointment when I was 8 weeks along and we talked a lot about my feeling and what was going on. My midwife said that a lot of pregnant woman get depressed and that taking an antidepressant would not hurt the child that was inside me so I started to take it in hopes it would help. It helped somewhat but I was still really depressed and stressed out. They upped my dose 1 time but after that I didn’t want it to be upped anymore because I didn’t want anything to happen so I just left it as it was. I attended all my appointments I had every month. I had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and we found out we were having another boy. We had an option to have a 3-D ultrasound and of course we had it done, and that was when I was about 27 weeks. Let me tell you the 3-D ultrasound is really cool we could see him we, know that he looked like his brother we could see him move his little fingers and toes, it was awesome to see.

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Mom to Matthew Kristopher
Stillborn on July 27th, 2002 at 38 weeks
East Northport, New York
Life is not without loss. Everyone experiences it in some form during their life. How do you move on from your darkest days, when time stands still but life goes on around you? How do you pick up the shattered pieces and move forward, to rebuild your life, rise above the pain, and perhaps come out stronger and more determined than before? How do you go on to do something positive and help others in a similar situation, while helping yourself to heal? There will be light at the end of your long dark tunnel. You will get there eventually, maybe without even realizing it, and maybe by constantly working your way out, one little step at a time. This is my story of loss, grief, healing, and passion found.

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Mom to Isaiah Christopher
Born and Died August 3rd, 2008
Petoskey, Michigan

I am a mother.

A mother to five beautiful boys.

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Mom of Graicen Edward
Born Still on June 2, 2008
Overland Park, KS
I will never forget the morning that I found out that I was pregnant with Graicen. My husband and I had been married for 2 years and we were both getting ready to graduate from college. He was working nights and I had noticed that for about 3 nights in a row I had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, which was very odd because I never had done that before. I knew that we hadn’t been very careful and so I knew there was a chance that I could be pregnant so the next day I bought a set of 2 pregnancy tests and decided that I would take one the next morning. That night I woke up at 2:00a.m. to use the restroom and decided I would take a test just because I had them there. Well those 2pink lines showed up immediately and I sat there on the toilet in shock. I couldn’t get to the phone quick enough to call my husband. When I screamed into the phone that I was pregnant, the other end went silent and then he actually realized what I had said and he just said “no way.” Well I waited up for him to get home and when he did we both laid there in silence holding each other with smiles on our faces from ear to ear. We decided that we would wait until I was 12 weeks along to tell everyone because we had a few friends who had just miscarried and we didn’t want to tell everyone and get them so excited only to have that feeling taken from us. Little did we know that our lives were going to be changed forever from this pregnancy?
We had our first ultra sound and at first we thought there were two sacs and my husband and I just looked at each other while thinking “uh oh.” But there was only one and one little baby in there with its little heart beating away. What a sigh of relief, we knew that there was a chance that when we got in there that the baby may not have a heartbeat. I had the picture perfect pregnancy with no morning sickness, no sore breasts, I wasn’t tired, etc. We went ahead and scheduled our next appointment and when we went everything still looked great and sounded great that was at 13 weeks. My due date was set for September 29, 2008. My blood pressure was low and I was gaining weight at a healthy rate. We began talking about names on our ride home to tell our family that we were going to be parents. We told our parents by giving them gifts and I will never forget the joy on everyone’s faces when we shared the wonderful news. My mom had been waiting to become a grandma and that was all that she wanted was to have grandchildren that she could spoil, love lots, and spends time with. Over the summer my husband was doing an internship close to our hometowns so we moved back home over the summer,he was also coaching baseball over the summer. I was going to be in a wedding for my best friend the first weekend of June so we went out for her bachelorette party on June 1, I was the designated driver of course and everyone else decided to stay the night at our friend’s house but I wanted to drive home and sleep in my own bed. This would be the last night that I got to feel my baby kick me, roll around, and wake me up in the middle of the night.
The next morning I woke up feeling like I needed to use the restroom so I got up and tried going but I couldn’t. I thought to myself “oh great now the pregnancy symptoms are going to start showing up.”Well as the morning proceeded I started to cramp and feel like I really need to go to the bathroom so I tried again and nothing. My husband was at a baseball tournament so I called my mom and asked her if this was normal and she told me that I shouldn’t’t be cramping at all. She decided to come get me and take me to the hospital. We called my husband on the way and he got there at the same time as we did. I walked up to labor and delivery where the nurses met me; they decided to start an IV and hooked me up to monitors so they could see the baby’s heartbeat. At this point we still didn’t know the sex we were going to find out the next day at my 23 week appointment. The nurse said she thought I was just dehydrated and started me on fluids. She left the room and I started to feel so much better, but within seconds I felt like I was peeing my pants and I asked my husband if I was when he looked all I heard was “oh god Hope.” Those words will never leave my memory he sounded so scared, he ran out of the room to get the nurse. She came running back in and they began to strip me down and that is when I saw all the blood that I had lost. The doctor came in and they decided to transport me to a hospital that was 45 minutes away that had a NICU. I rode in that ambulance for 45 minutes thinking to myself “Is my baby going to be ok? am I going to die? I knew that the doctor was considering a life flight to get me to the hospital because of the time it would take to get to the hospital and I was still losing blood. When we arrived at the hospital my whole family was waiting for me, they all stood by my side as I was taken out of the ambulance. They took me straight to labor and delivery. When they hooked me up to monitor sour baby’s heart was still beating strong, the doctor decided to give me some medicine for pain and wanted to wait until the morning to decide anything. They gave me some steroids hoping that would help our baby develop but late that night things took a turn for the worst. I was in and out of it, they were starting to get worried about me, and so they said it’s either you or the baby? How does a mother do this? Well I was on so many drugs and go in and out that they decided for me and took me immediately for a C-section. Graicen Edward was born still on June 2, 2008.

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