Mom to Kamberlyn Nicole
Born Still on December 27th, 2010
Abbeville, Alabama
I had a perfect pregnancy, never had any blood pressure problems or any problems really. I was due on February 1, 2011. 

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Mom to “Teddy” Theodore Joseph Luaders
June 20th, 2010
Quincy, IL
Teddy’s birthday and death day was on Father’s Day this year.  I was almost 35 weeks pregnant with Teddy.  I hadn’t felt Teddy move that morning, and I worried all morning, thinking he would start moving soon, but called the on-call doctor after lunch.

At the hospital I was hooked up to the machines and there was his heartbeat, and it looked good!  But he wasn’t moving.  The on-call doctor came in.  As soon as he came in and saw the tape with Teddy’s heart rate tracings, he said we need to have a C-section, an emergency c-section, right now.  What a shock!  But I was less scared then than I was when I was at home feeling no movement.  I knew he was alive, I knew he would be taken care of, and I knew he was old enough to survive even though he was early.  He would be ok now.  So I called my husband and told him and he was totally unprepared too, we weren’t expecting him for 5 more weeks!  Both of our other sons were late!  He went about making the phone calls, getting the babysitter, getting his mom and sister to come, throwing together things we might need – we didn’t even have a bag ready for the hospital yet.

In the next several minutes I was wheeled down to the C-section room, they called my doctor (Dr. K) to see if she wanted to come in, and she did!  She got there so quickly and I remember her saying, “I’m here,” and it was like my mom had said it, don’t worry honey, I’m here.  Nurses were rushing everywhere and getting everything ready and then they put me out.

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