Mom to Tristan

Died May 9, 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

On the evening of Mother’s Day 2009, I lost my baby. I was 6 weeks pregnant, and had been trying to have a baby for almost two years. [Read more…]


Mom to Brody Stewart

Born and died March 6, 2012

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

We got married in August 2011. Eric and I have wanted children for a long time. Just after our wedding, we got pregnant right away. We knew this baby was special, as our pregnancy went problem free. I felt amazing the entire time, and every kick from him was a reminder of how lucky we truly were. Every OB appointment that passed was so exciting, and getting to hear his heartbeat month after month, made us more and more excited to have our little guy at home soon. [Read more…]


Mom to Jordan
Lost September 9, 2011,

Ectopic pregnancy, September 2009


Missed miscarriage, March 2009

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

My name is Kaitlin and I am 29 years old. I am married to Scott and have a daughter Emma.
I am sharing our journey with you as demonstration of our commitment to this process. Please take the time to understand where we have been and how we got to this place. [Read more…]


Mother to Emelina Danyelle  

Received her Angel Wings February 21, 2012

Chilliwack, BC Canada

Emelina’s Birth Story

My husband I met in August 2001 and knew shortly that we were meant to be; in 2003 we welcomed our first daughter.

 We decided after almost 6 years to finally start trying for a second child, so in June 2011 we went decided to start trying and on July 2 2011 we found out we were pregnant with our second child. My pregnancy had a few challenges one being morning sickness through the whole thing…as well as this baby decided it did not like me to eat any meat other than chicken. I had back and hip pain that made working a challenge but my whole pregnancy was normal…until February 18… [Read more…]


Mom to Leia

Born Sleeping on October 6, 2011

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

My name is Angela. I was born May 14, 1976 in a small northern Ontario town.  I have always had been dreams of being a famous author. I successfully completed a three-year course with The Institute of Children’s Literature. Put my writing on the back burner for so very long. Met my husband Mickey on ICQ in 1996. He was in Texas, I was in Canada.  After many years of traveling back and forth we married in Canada on April 23, 2004. I have been in love with the band Aerosmith for over 20 years, and met 4/5 of the band members in 2010. I have Steven, Joe, Joey and Tom’s signatures tattooed on my back. I also have a cow jumping over the moon on my ankle, Curious George on my breast, a pumpkin on the small of my back, and the most recent, Leia’s footprints with her name under it on my forearm. [Read more…]


Mom to Isabella Rose

January 13, 2011 to February 22, 2011

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

In May of 2010 we found out we were pregnant. We were very excited but also a little scared. We had had 2 miscarriages prior – in November 2002 at 11 weeks and December 2008 at 13 weeks. At the time, we had 2 beautiful and healthy kids, Jake who was 6 and Katelyn who was 4, and we couldn’t wait to share this experience with them. [Read more…]


Mom to Angel Eternity Stewart

Stillborn on August 11, 2011

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


My name is I have hesitated in writing about Angel’s story for a long time now. Not because it isn’t important. In fact, it was probably the most important time of my life to date, and has forever changed me. There are so many things I’d like to be able to articulate about meeting Angel, however I am not sure I can fully describe the feelings in a way that can be understood. The only way to understand this journey is to walk it in your own shoes – and this I do not wish on any other person.

[Read more…]


Mom to Jack Michael Ryan

Stillborn August 15th, 2011

Edmonton, Alberta


I was 20 years old and on top of the world.  A year prior I had met Jon. He was 5 years older than me had a 13 month old daughter. They had both become my entire world. The reason I wanted to wake up every morning. His daughter lived in New Brunswick and us in Alberta. We hit it off right away, our parents being from the same small community in Newfoundland. I thought I was going to marry him. We moved in with each other 3.5 months after we started our relationship. He treated me like a princess. We began getting very serious, he bought a house and we moved in. That was June 2010. [Read more…]

Cassandra Chekowski

Mom to Breaze Lee Chekowski-Martin

July 11th, 2007 – May 25th, 2008

Edmonton, Alberta


My daughter is no longer here. She meant the world to me and even more. She was the best thing to ever happen in my life, and when she was taken away from me at 10 and a half months old, a month and a half before she would have been one, my whole world turned into a surreal nightmare, and I lost a part of me that I will never ever get back. [Read more…]


Mom to Tovin Laurence

October 26th, 2009

Airdrie, Alberta


May 2009, I confirmed that I was pregnant.  I was so happy because I’ve been wanting to have another baby after waiting for 3yrs.  I had preeclampsia with my first son, born at 7months and only 2lbs 2oz.  I told my Doctor I want to see my ob-gyn for my very delicate pregnancy, she ignored my plea, she told me it’s too early to be referred to specialist, and then she left me waiting for a month and went to her vacation. [Read more…]


Mom to Kayden Kristoffer Catalan

January 8th, 2009

Calgary, Alberta


I had a very easy pregnancy.  I was super healthy, not a thing wrong with me, and little stress in my life.  At about 37 weeks, I had lost a couple lbs, nothing big.  They asked how I felt, and I had felt the same…

At my 38 weeks check up my weight was fine, nothing was wrong at all. At my 39 week check up, I lost weight again and my belly measured a bit smaller..  The doctor wanted to send me for an ultrasound but decided not to because I probably wouldn’t get in until after my due date…  Little did we know that ultra sound could have saved my babies life.

My due date (January 2) came and went. I went to the doctor on January 7 around 10am… I had gotten all 10 movements plus more everyday so it came as a complete shock when no heartbeat was found..  Then they tried to tell me it had to have been days because there was little fluid… I had to have 3 ultra sounds that day, have a bunch of different people tell me my baby was gone, it was awful. The worst part was seeing everyone around me crying, and I couldnt cry, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t cry.

[Read more…]


Mom to Alexander Michael

2nd trimester angel, born June 30, 2011 due to Incompetent cervix

and 10 early losses July 2004-Sept 2007

Calgary, Alberta Canada

My journey to become a mother started in July 2004. My boyfriend (now husband) and I discovered we were pregnant, I had just turned 20. The timing was not perfect and there were so many things going on between us in our relationship that we were not sure where this was headed, but we were excited. I had had a previous child in 2002 and had given him up for adoption, and since that day I had always felt I was missing that part of me that yearned to be a mother. I don’t regret placing my first child for adoption, I know I wasn’t ready and neither was the babies father, and the family I placed him with were very loving, and experienced a lot of loss on their journey. [Read more…]

Wanda Wieser

Mom to  Harris Grayson

March 22, 2011

Calgary, AB


I found out I was pregnant about a month after our daughter turned two. We were so happy to find out that she was going to have a sibling (which we later found out would be a brother!) and couldn’t wait to have our summer baby, due July 24th, 2011. [Read more…]


Mom to Little Rios

14 weeks – April 2011

Toronto, ON Canada


It has been 1 month since we lost our baby. Well, since we found out that we’d lost our baby. [Read more…]

Leanna Reeves

Mommy to Nicholas Warren

November  7, 2008

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

My name is Leanna.  I am a wife to one and a mommy to four beautiful children.  Three of them walk beside me every day and one flies high above, never too far away.  His name is Nicholas.

[Read more…]


Mother of Jack Damian Wilbee

October 4th, 2010 – March 3rd, 2011

Abbotsford, British Columbia


My child died suffering, after two months of pain in the ICU.  His name was Jack Damian Wilbee.  He died March 3 2011 just 20 min before he turned five months. [Read more…]


Mom to Unnamed Baby – November 1999

and twins Ava Sophie

April 13th 2010 – April 17th, 2010

and Zoey Marilyn

April 13th, 2010 – April 15th, 2010

Calgary, Alberta, Canda

I guess my story begins in 1999 when I was only 21. I had an unexpected pregnancy, which resulted in an early miscarriage at only 7 weeks.  I was shocked by how much I mourned that baby.  For weeks I would cry in the bathroom or in bed at night.  I think it was around 6 months before I really moved on. [Read more…]

Lost to Early Miscarriage
Toronto, Canada

Do you remember high school health class? I remember a cheerless woman issuing dire warnings about the dangers of unprotected sex, the scariest one of which was getting pregnant. We all knew that if you had unprotected sex once, you’d get pregnant and then nine months later you’d have a baby. [Read more…]


Mom to Evan Tyler
September 12th, 2010
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

I was almost 36 weeks pregnant and had started my maternity leave a bit early to get the house ready for baby #2.  I had noticed a bit of lightening and a decrease in movement for a couple of days, but that’s normal in the final months of pregnancy because the baby has less space to move, and I still felt the baby rolling and turning and at times it felt like he was stretching out in there so I just brushed it off as being normal. The Friday before he was born I went to Toys R Us to buy him an infant rocker and I remember while I was sitting on the floor at home putting it together that it seemed a bit easier to move around, I just figured it was the lightening you hear about as the baby begins to drop…
[Read more…]

Missed Miscarriage May 11th, 2009
Missed Miscarriage February 14th, 2011
British Columbia, Canada
In late March of 2009, my then fiance and I discovered we were expecting our first child together. For the last week I had thought that something was different, but I didn’t want to give myself over to the thought of being pregnant until I could know for sure since my periods had a history of being late. After we found out we were both so excited and went to the doctor the next day. When we heard all of my blood work was fine we began to tell people. At this time my biggest worry was that my wedding dress would not fit when I was three and a half months pregnant.

Everything began to unravel for us when I went in for my dating ultrasound on May 11th. Having never been pregnant I was not sure what to expect, but I thought that seeing your baby was a sure thing. The tech was very quiet throughout and would not let my fiance in. She asked me to empty my bladder for an internal ultrasound, after which she asked me to just wait outside. Grasping for anything and confused, I asked for a picture of my baby. While we waited I talked to my mom and she asked me what the heartbeat was and I felt my heart drop, I never heard a heartbeat. I did not want to give up hope and began to sob when my fiances mom said “these things just happen you know, you can try again”. After what seemed like an eternity the technician came out and handed me a picture of my baby and said that I should head to see my midwife. When I got there I was informed my baby had stopped growing at eight weeks and gave me my options of waiting, taking medication, or having a D and C. I began asking right away for a D and C, which she would not schedule saying I could expect to miscarry any day. I did not want to have a miscarriage, the thought of seeing what I percieved as pieces of my baby frightened me. I kept thinking that something had to be wrong, my baby looked so perfect, and I did not feel that I was miscarrying. I talked to my midwife and was able to get another ultrasound which confirmed my baby was gone. After two more weeks of being told to wait for my body, I went to my local emergency room begging for help. I could not go on carrying my baby inside of me anymore. The doctors were shocked that I had been carrying my baby like this for five weeks, and had me into a specialist the next day. The following day I had my first D and C.
[Read more…]

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