Mom to Seraphina

June 13th, 2011

Nashville, Tennessee

When I discovered I was pregnant, I was sure that I was carrying a boy, and so did almost everyone around me. So much for mother’s intuition!

After 4 years of marriage, my husband and I decided that we were ready to have a child of our own. I got pregnant right away. We thought we were so lucky: lucky that we had waited until we felt ready to be parents, lucky that the baby would have a very nice home and parents that never fought, and lucky to conceive so quickly and easily. At my first OB appointment, we saw the flicker of a heartbeat and were congratulated. I went to see a perintologist due to a pulmonary embolism I had several years before. He got me started on daily Lovenox injections, just in case. I had used Lovenox before, so while I wasn’t thrilled to start again, I did exactly as he said with no hesitation. The first trimester was easy, I was usually slightly nauseous, but I never got really sick. Things were going so well, or so I had thought. [Read more…]

Mom to Baby Autumn and Baby Spring

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