Mom to Zachary Logan
Passed away November 3rd, 2010 at 2 months gestation
Bellingham, Washington

This is 4 weeks from the loss of my baby Zachary Logan. I have searched for resources, for people who have been through something similar and I have grown frustrated with little support for people who have had abdominal pregnancies. So I figure there are others out there who are feeling this way too – so I am writing this for those searching for someone else who has been there. 
My story is unique. I did not know that I was pregnant – in fact i was doing my darndest to not be pregnant. I had an IUD. I had a lot of vaginal pressure at work in the morning –  thought my IUD may be falling out, and called the Dr office. They got me in at 11:00.  I found out at 11:10 on Thursday November 4th that I was pregnant. Although the initial reactions was intense shock – it turned into joy and trying to figure out how to tell my husband and family. (since they all were going to be as shocked as well). 

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