Mom to Baby L

Miscarried December 16th, 2007

Baby Christmas

Miscarried June 14th, 2008

and Baby Thanksgiving

Miscarried April 7th, 2011

Brunswick, Georgia

Baby L’s Story

My husband and I had decided to go off of the pill and start trying for a baby. My best friend had gotten pregnant so quickly and easily that I just assumed it would happen that way for me as well. I mean, all you have to do is have sex right? We tried for about 6 months before we started to think maybe we should start tracking things and counting days…well, before we knew it, we were pregnant. I was scared and nervous and excited all at the same time. I was 29 at that time and had always thought I’d be a mom before 30…finally it was happening! [Read more…]


Mom to Saddie Marie – Lost May 9th, 2007

Jeremy Thomas –  Lost March 11th, 2009

and Bella Raine – Lost May 13th, 2011

Norwich, Connecticut

I am 25 and have had three early miscarriages. I am also the mother to a beautiful, healthy three year old boy. My first miscarriage was the most devastating event to ever occur in my life. [Read more…]

Linea Gwynne

Mother to Noah – January 2007

and Jack – March 2009

Noah was out third pregnancy.  We had no issues with conceiving, same as our other two children. Our son was 6 at the time and our daughter was 3.  Things were progressing wonderfully with this pregnancy. Normal morning sickness, very tired, loved my growing belly.  Then at my 16-week ultrasound exam our Dr. found a few anomalies that concerned her so we were scheduled for a Level II ultrasound the following week.  [Read more…]

Lesley Vance

First Ectopic Pregnancy Loss – May 2005

Second Ectopic Pregnancy Loss – September 2007

Third Pregnancy Loss due to Miscarriage – March 2008

San Diego, California

Grieving My Pregnancy Loss
How I found ways to move through the grief process

By Lesley Vance

Like most hopeful mothers-to-be I was optimistic about my pregnancy. I was thrilled to be pregnant and felt great. No morning sickness nonsense for me. My days were spent nesting, considering baby names and thinking about nursery colors. I took prenatal vitamins, napped and drank lots of water on a routine basis. During week eight my first ultrasound showed my baby’s heartbeat. It was a magical moment. [Read more…]


Mom to Esther Grace Slagle

Stillborn June 18th, 2007

San Diego, California

October 2006 my husband and I found out we were expecting our 3rd child, we had one girl and one boy, we were thrilled to be adding to our family.  At 8 weeks I started cramping we headed to the ER and then bleeding as we entered into the hospital, my husband was so flustered that he told the nurse I was 8 months pregnant and bleeding. [Read more…]


Mom to Alexander Michael

2nd trimester angel, born June 30, 2011 due to Incompetent cervix

and 10 early losses July 2004-Sept 2007

Calgary, Alberta Canada

My journey to become a mother started in July 2004. My boyfriend (now husband) and I discovered we were pregnant, I had just turned 20. The timing was not perfect and there were so many things going on between us in our relationship that we were not sure where this was headed, but we were excited. I had had a previous child in 2002 and had given him up for adoption, and since that day I had always felt I was missing that part of me that yearned to be a mother. I don’t regret placing my first child for adoption, I know I wasn’t ready and neither was the babies father, and the family I placed him with were very loving, and experienced a lot of loss on their journey. [Read more…]


Eboni Thompson

Mom to Jaylin Renay Thompson

born April 7, 2007 to April 9, 2007


Miami, Florida


My journey of loss started 4 years ago when at 22 weeks pregnant, I started bleeding and went to the ER. Upon doing an ultrasound, I was 3.4 cm dilated and in full labor. My daugher Jaylin Renay Thompson was born by emergency c-section on April 7, 2007 at 6:05 a.m. weighing 1lb and 1/2 an oz. She lived for 3 days and died peacefully in the NICU on April 9, 2007 at 10:27 a.m. I was later diagnosed with Cervical Incompetence as to the reason for my early delivery, and being that I had an emergency c section with a vertical incision, I would never be able to have a vaginal delivery again and would need a cerclage if and when I got pregnant again. [Read more…]



Pensacola, FL


I can remember each moment like it was yesterday – each one of the five times that we were told our pregnancy was over.

In September 2007 we began our journey to expand our family.  We got pregnant right away and I was ecstatic.  We told everyone we knew.  There was nothing that compared to our excitement.  But that first pregnancy ended at 6 short weeks.  What began as spotting continued through to the full miscarriage process and my heart was completely broken. [Read more…]


Mom to Eleanor, Lost August 1, 2007 at 6 weeks

William, Lost August 4, 2009 at 7.5 weeks

Amie, Lost May 25, 2010 at 6.5 weeks

Michael, Lost December 10 2010 at 9.5 weeks

and Sunny, Lost May 31, 2011 at 4 weeks

Kalamazoo, MI


I always knew I wanted children, but I didn’t seriously think about it until I got married to my high school sweetheart in June 2006, at age 20. Then suddenly it was like a lightbulb went on and I knew that I just wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I knew it was best for me to finish college first, but it was a big struggle for me to have to wait awhile to try to have a baby. By early 2007 we had stopped using any contraception, and in June 2007 I found out that I was pregnant. [Read more…]


November baby

November 2, 2005

Faith Elisabeth

December 5, 2007

Westminster, Maryland


I always thought that baby loss was something that happened to other people.  No one in my family had suffered any type of pregnancy loss, so why would I have anything to worry about?

When our son was about a year old, my husband and I decided to try for another baby.  We conceived our firstborn easily and our second pregnancy wasn’t much different.  I got pregnant within 4 months of trying.  I went in for a dating ultrasound and I knew something was wrong when the technician said to me, “Oh!  You’re very early.  Are you about 6 weeks?”  I was 8 weeks pregnant. [Read more…]


Mom to 4 angles due to miscarriage

July 2000 (7wks), October 2001 (11 1/2 weeks), August 2003 (5 weeks), August 2007 (6weeks)


I never knew if I could get pregnant.  I knew I had endometriosis. I used to tell people I did not know if we wanted children, but oh, we wanted a baby so bad.  Imagine my surprise when I was pregnant just weeks after our wedding.  However, deep down, I knew immediately something wasn’t right. At the time there really wasn’t a way to know- no pain or anything. It was just a feeling.  About a week after I found out I was pregnant I began spotting. I was living in a new town and did not have a doctor but I called one to make an appointment.  I was told it was normal to spot. It didn’t feel normal, but noboday seemed to care.  Of course, it would not have mattered even if I could have seen the doctor.  I spotted for well over a week, maybe two.  One rainy, late summer morning I woke up and knew that was it.  I knew that day would be the end of our pregnancy.  I asked my husband to look up directions to the nearest ER and we drove.  I screamed and cried as it all came to end. I shook with fear and sadness so deep I thought I would never escape.


Mom to Liberty John, Lost at 10 weeks in November 2004

Elijah Lee, Lost at 6 weeks in September 2007

Eden Sky, Lost at 5 weeks in August 2010

and Journey Peace, Lost at 11 weeks in May 2011

Lakeville, Minnesota

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my babies I could never hold here on earth.  No pictures, no foot prints, no lock of hair to hold onto.  Even when my body would physically heal, my heart would still ache with emptiness.  My baby left my body but never made it to my arms … such a strange sad thing to come to terms with.  [Read more…]


Mom to Chloe, Lost 24+ weeks in September 2005

Second Loss at 21 weeks in October 2007

Third Loss at 13 weeks in March 2008

Fourth Loss at 21 weeks in April 2009

Fifth Loss at 12/13 weeks in July 2010

Sixth Loss at 9 weeks in 2010

Seventh Loss at 9 weeks in January 2011

Cape Town, South Africa

I found out I was pregnant for the first time in June 2005. I was nervous about telling my mom, because I was raised “first get married and then babies” lol. After I told my mom MY good news, it took her a while to get over it. Didn’t take her very long though, because the next thing you know she starts buying baby clothes. Me too, I just couldn’t resist the cute little outfits. [Read more…]


Mommy to Benjamin David

Stillborn June 11th, 2007

Houston, Texas

On June 11, 2007 I had a regular doctors appointment. My mom, husband Jason, and brother Tyler went with me. I was 27 weeks pregnant and they doctor was trying to check the baby’s heart beat with the doppler. Well, no luck there, so he tried his ultrasound machine. Then sent me across the street to the hospital. [Read more…]

Mom to Kylie Joy
June 11th, 2007
Belleville, Illinois

Mom to Jack Marshall Haller
June 5th, 2007
Austin, Texas
The experience of carrying twins for six months had been extremely exciting for me.  Jack and Kate already weighed about one pound each and were starting to share their personalities in ultrasound videos. Kate was the athletic one and Jack liked to pose for perfect profile photos. They already had fingernails, hair and eyebrows. They could grip their hands, kick their feet, suck their thumbs and hear our voices. Just before flying to China for a brief work trip, my husband bought a belly band so he could place headphones on my tummy to share music with them.

While he was away, I had a routine doctor appointment. The visit started with finding their heartbeats like all the times before.  First Kate’s……….then Jack’s……..wait no, that’s mine……..Kate’s again……mine…….then nothing. The doctor took an ultrasound and the moment Jack appeared, it was clear that something was wrong. Kate nudged him a little and his tiny limp body moved, but he was no longer with us.

[Read more…]

Mom to Shannon Elizabeth January 16th – January 19th, 2007
and Peanut Shelbe – EDD April 10th, 2008
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In the summer of 2006, I hadn’t been feeling good a lot. A pregnancy test revealed my first pregnancy was starting! We went for an ultrasound in the fall. We were so excited. By this time we could already feel the baby kicking. I just wanted to know what I was having so I could start buying outfits, toys, and all that good stuff. We went to have the ultrasound that morning without a care in the world. The tech started doing the ultrasound. She was taking a long time, like she was having trouble. She said she couldn’t find her stomach and I might have to go to a different hospital. I didn’t care; I just wanted to know what it was! The baby had its legs crossed and she couldn’t tell. She finished up and told me to go back downstairs to my OB’s office. My doctor came in the room and was asking if I could get to a downtown hospital right now. Then he asked Steve and me if anyone had mentioned anything about a hernia. We told him no, but he didn’t reply, just told us to get down to the other hospital and he would call ahead. On the twenty minute ride down to the hospital, I wasn’t scared, just disappointed that I still didn’t know what I was having. Steve, I think, seemed uneasy.

As we walked into the ultrasound waiting room, we noticed that it was packed! So many people were in there. We walked up to the counter and I signed in. “Oh, the doctor called for you.” was the response I received from the secretary. People all around us were complaining about their long wait. Ten minutes later, my name was called. We followed the technician back to the room. As she prepped me, a doctor walked in. He said “I am not going to talk to you throughout this. When I am done, we will talk.” I replied “That’s fine, while you’re there, do you think you can see what it is, the other lady couldn’t tell.” He did that first, got a straight shot between the legs. “It’s a girl.” I just wanted to scream with excitement. A little girl, my little girl. I started thinking about everything I was going to do with her, what she was going to be, what she was going to play, how she was going to dress.

[Read more…]

Mom to Jude Faye Malling
Lost on May 8th, 2007 at 17.5 weeks gestation
When I was nineteen years old I was told that I could not have children. 
My family doctor believed that Ii had PCOS. She then sent me to an OBGYN to have him make sure that my ovaries were alright. The first appointment with him, he did not run a pregnancy test on me. He prescribed me the nuva ring and Prozac for the pain. I was glad to take the prescriptions thinking they were going to help. The following month I went back to his office. When the nurse asked how I had been I told her my body was acting weird. I had a stomach virus for over eight days when my sister and room mate had only had it two days. I was also running a fever of 102.00 for most of the eight days. Tthe nurse then told me she would run a pregnancy test and I told her “it will be negative, I can’t get pregnant!” The nurse did not return to my room, however the doctor did. He then told me that I was over three months pregnant. I told him that could not be so he did an ultrasound to prove me wrong.

[Read more…]

Mom to William Ryan Thomas Mete-Cooper
Born and died on November 21st, 2007
Aurora, Ontario, CA
It was July 23, 2007 and the stick was blue. I was so happy that me and my hubby were going to have a baby, something we had wanted and talked about for months. 

[Read more…]

Mom to Ashley Jane, June 1998
Janna Lashe, July 2000
and Colin Matthew, died May 30th, 2007, born June 2007
Pelham, AL

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