Mom to Eric Peter

September 8 – September 22, 1982

San Antonio, Texas

In 1982 sonograms were not routine with pregnancy, I don’t recall having a sonogram during my pregnancy. I always told everyone that my baby had a large butt, because I always felt my baby’s bottom moving up high into the middle of my chest. I could wrap my hand around my baby’s rear end, if only it would have been that easy. [Read more…]

Mom to Baby Larabee, left our lives at 10 weeks in the winter of 1982
Wolcott, Vermont
I was a young married woman, only 20 at the time.  I met and married my husband after only 5 months.  We were so happy when we found out we were going to be parents.  My husband’s two sisters were also expecting.  It was going to be a special year for all of us.  I told all of our family as soon as we knew we were expecting. It was a happy event to be shared!  But it was not to continue that way…..
I was at my mom’s helping wallpaper when I started to spot, I was scared…this wasn’t suppose to be happening!  My husband and I went to the hospital as it was after office hours.  I was examined and told that the baby I loved so much “never started to develop”.  But it was my baby!  I loved them!  I was admitted to the hospital.
My family was not called…I look back now and wonder why I made that decision.  My husband had to work the next day and I told him to go home and get some sleep.  There I laid in the hospital, in a cold, cinder-brick walled room, alone.  A commode was placed next to my bed for convenience.  Unable to sleep, I kept thinking about the baby that wasn’t….why me? What happened?  Did I do something wrong?

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