Mom to Baby O # 1, 1997
Baby O # 2, 2002
Baby O # 3, 2003
and Joseph Anthony, 9/11/2010
Boonton, NJ

Since I was a young child I always wanted to be a mother.  Within a year of our marriage I was saying to my husband a saying I would say for five years until we had the funds to have one it was “Lets have a baby”.  I never dreamed that anything would ever go wrong and that it was pretty easy “to have a baby”.

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Illuminate: new photography contest starts today!

For the past 3 weeks, I have been participating in an online photography class called Illuminate: Lighting the Path to Photographic Healing. This class, put together by professional photographer and ‘baby loss mom,’ Beryl Young, is designed specifically for moms who have lost a baby.

I can now say from personal experience, that this class is absolutely incredible. Beryl really out-did herself. It’s essentially one part technical photography training, one part emotional healing journey, and one part intimate support group. I’m just loving it, and am super sad it’s all going to be over in just one week!

But although my Illuminate journey is ending, yours can be just beginning! The second Illuminate session will be starting on August 24th and running through September 28th. I really want to encourage you to consider signing up for this unique opportunity. One thing that we are really passionate about at Faces of Loss, is helping parents who have lost a baby not only ‘get through’ the experience, or get to the point of being ‘okay’ again, but really use that experience, that tragedy, to grow and discover new things about themselves. This Illuminate class is the perfect opportunity to begin to do just that.

To kick-off registration, Beryl is generously giving away one free spot in the upcoming session. We’re calling this contest ‘Through the Lens of a Baby Loss Mom.’ Here’s how you can enter:

  • Capture a photo that shows your interpretation of the theme ‘through the lens of a babyloss mom.’
  • Submit your photo by August 10th, using this form
  • Winner will be chosen by a panel of current Illuminate class members, based on the strength of the message conveyed via your image, composition, lighting, and uniqueness

If you are ready to register for the class today, please click here. If you win the contest, your registration fee will be refunded.

Thanks so much, everyone.

Love and peace,

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Mom to Oliver James

June 14th, 2011

Poulsbo, WA

My husband and I found out we were expecting our fourth baby in the beginning of December 2010. We were so excited! I couldn’t wait to tell the kids.

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Mom to Glory Baby

Miscarried on June 25th, 2010 at 10 weeks, 5 days

Frisco, TX

I’ve been wanting to write my miscarriage story for a while. It has just taken me this long to find the right words. It all started when my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our very first baby on Mother’s Day 2010. I actually took a positive test on that day, but had to wait and share my excitement with him for a couple days because he was out of town, and that is just not something you share on the phone! We were both pretty surprised, but very excited.
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Mom to Caroline Avery

Born an angel on September 2nd, 2010

and 3 first trimester miscarriages

September 2005-February 2006

Whispering Pines, NC


Hi. My name is Whitney. I am 35 years old. My journey to become a parent began about 6 years ago, in the summer of 2005. My husband and I had been married for 2 years, and decided it was time for us to start our family.
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We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with Grieve Out Loud to bring a brand-new program to Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope. It’s called Voices of Loss (VOL), and it is a one-on-one pen-pal program, where parents who have experienced the loss of a baby can connect in an intimate, confidential setting, with someone who has walked in their shoes.

While we encourage everyone to share their story on our website, we know (and completely understand!) that not everyone is ready to talk about their loss so publicly, so soon. We hope that this new VOL program will be yet another way for grieving parents to find support and connect with others who ‘get it’ during such a dark and devastating time in their lives.

There is already a team of wonderful VOL team members (pen-pals) in place, but we are looking to add even more voices to the team! To find out more about what this opportunity is all about, please click here.

And if you are looking for support and would like to be matched with a pen-pal, please click here to start the process.

A HUGE thank you to Julie, Founder of Grieve Out Loud (and new VOL Director!) for partnering with us on this wonderful new project!

Love and peace,



Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope

Help us win a $25K grant from Pepsi Refresh!

Funding will allow us to create and distribute 12-page grief support booklets, train in-person social support group leaders, and continue to provide online connection and support to women who have lost a baby.

To vote:

1) Follow this link:

2) Click the button that says ‘vote for this idea’

3) You’ll be prompted to either login or sign up for a new voting account (this just takes a few minutes and a valid email address, or you can even login using your facebook account!)

4) VOTE!

5) Repeat once a day, every day!

6) You can also ‘power vote’ for us if you have a ‘power voting code,’ found on specially marked Pepsi products.

As a way of thanking you for your support, we’ll be giving out lots of great prizes all month long for our voters!

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there–whether your children are in your arms, in your hearts, or both.


The Faces of Loss Team

*The feet in the pic belong to Andy, husband of Faces Founder, Kristin, and proud dad to Stevie Joy, 5-8-10

Illuminate: Lighting the Path to Photographic Healing

“Clothes She’ll Never Wear,” June 6th, 2010

Sometimes a picture really can say a thousand words.

I am really excited to announce this partnership with Beryl, owner of Be Young Photography because I have personally found photography to be an incredible part of my own healing journey. After my daughter, Stevie was stillborn last May, there were really three main things that helped me work through my grief: connecting with other moms who had lost a baby, writing (through my blog), and photography. I even started a 365 project, where I started taking a picture everyday to express how I was feeling (see some examples, below).

When Beryl, who lost her own daughter, Bella two years ago, contacted me about the 4-week online photography class she was developing for babyloss moms, I was so excited. At Faces, I think we’re already doing a pretty good job at providing ways for you to connect with other moms and share your writing, and now, through this partnership, we’re also able to offer you a way to express yourself and work through your grief through photography. A chance to learn new skills and, who knows, maybe even discover a new passion!

In Beryl’s words, here’s some information about the Illuminate class, which runs from July 6th through August 10th:

“In 2009, my world came crashing down around me . . . I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time when our plans, our dreams, and our future were whisked away in an instant.

My first baby gift, during my first trimester, was a shiny new camera. A dslr.  A camera that I longed to learn to use like the pros so I could take beautiful images of Bella once she arrived. Instead, I used it to learn how to process my grief.

After Bella was gone, I scoured the internet looking for bereavement resources that spoke to me. I searched for a community that could relate to my pain. I needed someone to talk to and I wanted an audience who could understand the source of the imagery I was creating. I came up with nothing.  I learned photography on my own, as I grieved, and slowly grew from amateur to professional. I vowed that one day I would create a photography experience like the one I was looking for after our loss.  And now I can not believe that only 2 years later it’s finally here.”

To learn more about exactly what the class entails, the specific skills you’ll learn, and how to register, please click here.

Now, for the fun part–the contest!

Beryl is offering one lucky Faces mama the chance to win a free spot in the Illuminate program! Here’s what you need to do to enter:

  • Take a picture that represents some aspect of your babyloss journey–your “vision of babyloss”; you can also find a picture you’ve already taken and use that!
  • Submit your image by filling out this form: A Vision of Babyloss Contest
  • Beryl will be taking all the images submitted and creating a beautiful collage that will be posted on Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope and at Be Young Photography
  • A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday, June 15th
  • If you decide to register for the class and end up winning this contest, your registration fee will be refunded

I can’t wait to see all the beautiful, powerful images you contribute!

I will be participating in the Illuminate class and I really hope you will join me. Thanks so much, Beryl, for turning your grief into such a beautiful project–Bella would be so proud.

-Kristin Cook, Founder of Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope

“First Day Back at Work,” June 8th, 2010                                       “Wilted,” June 9th, 2010

“Not Right,” June 25th, 2010                                         “Bad Day/Puffy Eyes,” July 2nd, 2010

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Mom to Sam Joseph

Born still at 38 weeks on May 9th, 2011

McHenry, Illinois

I am, what some may call a type A personality, I plan everything and make sure I have control over all that I can. Since I am a teacher, we needed to plan the pregnancy for delivery towards the end of the school year, just like we did with our daughter. May, it’s the perfect time, it allowed for me to take a few weeks off for the delivery and have the whole summer with my new addition to my family. So, we did the same plan we did with our daughter. I purchased the ovulation kit and hoped to get pregnant in August some time.

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Mom to Adalyn Paige

Born still on February 26th, 2011

Waverly, Ohio

Finding out I was pregnant was the scariest and happiest moment of my life. I had been dating my now husband, Jeff, for about three years and we had just moved in together. I was on birth control and just starting to plan our wedding. Getting pregnant at that time was a complete shock for us. After I took my test and Jeff and I talked about everything, we were excited to have a little family. [Read more…]


Missed Miscarriage

May, 2011

Rancho Cordova, CA

My name is Kayla Bosley and my Husband Eric and I eric met in 2005. I don’t know what I would do without Eric and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be his wife. From the time we met we knew that we wanted to have children. We got married in June of 2009 and we started trying right away to have children. Getting pregnant was not as easy as we envisioned it to be; so we started trying every fertility monitor that was available. When I still wasn’t pregnant in June of 2010 I went to the doctor. She started by giving me routine blood tests and tested many different levels. Fortunately all of my blood work came back fine in regards to getting pregnant and we just had to be patient. Unfortunately, the doctor found that my liver enzymes were 3 times higher than normal. After many tests and switching doctors multiple times in September of 2010; a CT scan revealed a tumor in my pancreas. The tumor was removed September 13, 2010 with the Whipple Procedure. The pathology report showed that my tumor was called a Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor…Cancer!!!

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Mom to Five Babies Lost

December 2009, May 2010, September 2010, December 2010, February 2011

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

If I had to take away the biggest life lesson from these past few years, it would be, there are no guarantees in life…some of our biggest goals and dreams in life can not be controlled by us.

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Mom to “Pooter”

May 11th, 2011

Peoria, IL

At the end of February, we found out that we were expecting.  We were very excited because I was ready to have another child (I have 2 girls & 1 boy) and my husband (biologically) doesn’t have any but has taken the role as Dad in my children lives’ (…a definite BLESSING!).  But more than anything I wanted my hubby to experience the gift of life, that he & I created. So after I graduated with my Masters in December, I scheduled an appointment to get the Mirena, an IUD, removed in January.

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Mother to Simon Xavier

November 4th, 2010-March 17th, 2011

Fingerlakes Region, New York

This is my third time trying to type this all out; the first two times I just started crying and couldn’t see enough to type. Somehow, today I’m better.

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Mom to Dana

May 19th, 1981

Orange, California

After marrying my high school sweetheart and waiting for our college graduation and his graduation from medical school, we were more than ready to start a family two years after that.  After trying to get pregnant for more than a year, we were thrilled when I found out I would be having a baby the following summer.  Whirlwinds of buying maternity clothes_and outfitting the baby’s room occupied the first few months.  Oh, how happy and excited_we were!  But deep down, I knew something wasn’t quite right.  I had been having cramping since the third month.  And some blood spotting.  My doctor told me that most likely everything was fine.  But it wasn’t.

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Mom to Laron Clay

April 16th, 2011

Coalgate, Oklahoma

Our story begins in February 2010.

For as long as I can remember, one of the most important things I have wanted in my life was to be a mom. In February of 2010 I was told at my yearly appointment that in order to get pregnant I would have to get on medication. I accepted this and decided that eventually when we were ready I would get on the medicine and hopefully not have a difficult time getting pregnant. After that appointment I received notice that my pap smear had returned abnormal and I needed to come in for the cells to be checked. I returned to the doctor in May only to discover that the cells were between grades 1 and 2 dysplasia. My doctor informed me that he wanted to remove the cells in order to keep them from becoming cancerous and an appointment was set up for April.

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Mom to Taylor

Lost at 10 weeks, 1 day on January 2nd, 2011

Ord, Nebraska

My husband and I had decided to start a family.  We were trying to get pregnant when we conceived, so it wasn’t a surprise.  We took a test right away and knew for certain at four weeks.  We didn’t miscarry until 10 weeks and 1 day, so we had 6 whole weeks to get used to the idea and fall in love with our little one.  We found out 13 days before we miscarried that it was not looking good.  I didn’t feel any different.  I still felt pregnant right up until the end.  I didn’t have any tell-tale bleeding, all my pregnancy symptoms were still there, and I really didn’t see it coming.

We had gone in to get an ultrasound picture taken so that we could surprise our parents and tell them we were expecting in a Christmas present.  At that appointment our life turned upside down and our excitement turned into dread.  Our doctor scheduled us for another ultrasound in 10 days.  She was hoping that we had gotten pregnant later than we thought and it was just too soon to see a heartbeat.

Those next 10 days were horrible.  We were torn between hoping for the best and preparing for the bad.  My husband’s attitude was completely positive for the next 10 days while my attitude depended on the day and on which article I had read about our chances.  In 10 days, our worst fear was confirmed.  We were diagnosed with a blighted ovum (a sac had formed, but for genetic reasons a baby never formed) on December 30th.  I was sent home to miscarry on my own. I wasn’t given any options at all.  That may be the part of my care that upsets me the most.  I can’t say that I would have chosen to take a pill or have a D&C, but I still feel I should have had the option.
I miscarried right after New Year’s day, on Jan 2nd in the morning. That day seems like it was yesterday.  I can remember everything about that day.

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Mom to Mackenzie

October 11th, 2009-April 19th, 2010

Oceanside, CA

Wow… I can’t believe I survived. Never did I imagine that one year ago I would be spending my last day with Mackenzie. I remember everything as if it happened yesterday yet my memories of her seem like such a thing of the past. Sometimes I feel like it was a dream to have her and that it actually wasn’t real. SIDS is a silent killer. There are no warning signs and there is no explanation for it. I just have hope that one day I will have an explanation as to why my child died from it.

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Mom to Heaven Lee

September 30th, 2010

My boyfriend and I weren’t TTC when I became pregnant, but after being diagnosed with endometrosis and ovarian cysts it came as a surprise!

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