Mom to Emma Lynn

March 27, 2012

Independence, Kentucky

I had my daughter Emma Lynn on March 27, 2012. It was an infant loss. I was 19 when I got pregnant and even though I was super young and her father wasn’t involved, I was super excited to become a mom and have a daughter. When I was 25 weeks pregnant, my doctor called me and said my ultrasound pictures came back not looking good. They said her brain wasn’t developing right and she wasn’t going to make it out of alive. But I kept going through the pregnancy being hopeful, thinking she was going to come out perfect. I got to spend 10 hours with her after I had her. No doubt the most amazing 10 hours of my life. I found a quote the other day and I think it fits perfectly.

“The death of a child is the single most traumatic event. To lose a child is to lose a piece of yourself.”

You can contact Elizabeth at: robertsonlizz@aol.com

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  1. Emma was a Angel that we got to hold in our arms before she left us. I will never forget your angel.

  2. Cheryl Butcher says:

    Emma was our life and still is our life. We were blessed that Emma was with us. Emma could feel our touches, our hugs, our love and especially the love from her mother, Elizabeth.
    Living life on a daily basis, we can feel Emma’s love in our hearts.
    Bless the Great Lord above and his Angels, my mother and my father as they have the pleasure of being with Emma daily and watching her grow in heaven. Praise God, Thank Angels for watching over us, bless us all. Amen.

  3. Jessica McNay says:


    Your strength is amazing the loss of a child is never easy and you will never forget Emma or your time with her. That quote you shared above is very true! The hurt does get easier though trust me. I have lost 3 babies. I lost James my first at 24 Weeks, then 7 years later lost twins at 14 weeks. I now have two healthy children kaydence a beautiful 12 year old and Jesse James a handsome 6 year old. There isn’t a day that I don’t think of my angel babies though! May good bless you and give you strength to carry on daily! I am here if toy ever need to talk.

  4. To lose a child is my greatest fear. I cannot imagine how you would move on from that loss. Unfortunately my cousin had to experience this and, at such a young age. She has more strength than I ever have. Emma is lucky to have you as her mother and you are a better person because of Emma. I have so much love and respect for you Liz.

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