Tammy Ray

Mom to Faith Ann

Last year July 4th at the family get together my Aunt Tammy said that someone was pregnant. We all laughed and said she was crazy.

Our son was 9 months old at the time so I was said its not me. Well when I got home I started to think about what she said and that’s when I noticed a few symptoms that were familiar. So I took a test the next day and sure enough two pink lines. Within the next two weeks both our families and friends knew. Everyone was excited. I was excited, scared and nervous all at the same time. We were talking about what its going to be like having two run around. I marked the calendar with the due date March 17, 2012. We couldn’t wait.

I woke up from a nap on July 27 with a feeling like something wasn’t right. Then next day I still couldn’t shake off the feeling like something was wrong. So I went to the emergency room to get checked. They did blood work to check my hcg level and then an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed that I was pregnant and the gestational sac was where it was suppose to be. But was measuring smaller than it should be. Sunday I started bleeding so I went to see my Dr on Monday. He was busy delivering babies at the hospital. Rescheduled for the next day. I went back and again he was delivering more babies. I went back the next day and I finally saw my Dr. He said I’m sorry but you are miscarrying. He sent me to the hospital to have blood work done again and another ultrasound to confirm.  I was supposed to be 8 wks.

We went to the hospital and I had my blood drawn. Then came the ultrasound and then we waited for the results to be analyzed. I was then told we needed to go to admittance so I can get a D&C done. We walked in the maternity floor and they started getting me ready. After the procedure we left the hospital around 11pm and went home.

Wednesday August 3 of 2011 we said goodbye to our baby. I believe everyone deserves a name and I can only go off of my intuition so I named her Faith Ann. We loved her even though we never met her.

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  1. Tammy Ray, I am so very sorry for the loss of your little baby. I wish you comfort and strength during this very difficult time.

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