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Hi, I’m Beryl. Mom to an angel, Bella Rose born September 11, 2009 at 20 weeks gestation; and her rainbow sister Brielle a 15 month old miracle. I am a teacher. A photographer.  Founder of the Illuminate e-course. And a true believer the magic and beauty of using photography to heal the soul.  You’ll get to know a bit more about me, Bella, and our family a little later this month, but I wanted to give a proper introduction as I’ll be your ‘tour guide’ of sorts  as we take time this January to explore the link between our grief, creativity, and healing. Let’s begin, shall we?  It’s time to:

The start of a new year is a lot like cracking open the freshly pressed pages of a brand new book.  That first day you settle in, anxious anticipation washing over you as you wait to meet a new cast of characters and watch the story unfold.

Unfortunately, all of us in this community have had a story that didn’t end in “happily ever after”.

It’s why we’re here.

For some of us that story was last year. For others it may have been many years ago. And for some of us this tragic story may be repeating over and over again.

But, the wonderful thing about starting a new year, and writing a new chapter in our story is the HOPE that we can feel as we are granted a “fresh start”. Not to wipe away the past, but to start to build a stronger tomorrow.

January is International Creativity Month.  And this year at Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope we thought it would be fitting to get the story of 2012 started off right by sharing some incredibly creative baby loss mamas and their angels with you. As I’ve learned myself over the past two years, creativity was key to me learning to love life again and live a life without our Bella.

It’s our hope that maybe, just maybe, creativity can help you as you journey through loss too.

Creativity can come in many forms. In blogging. In journaling. In drawing. In painting. In photography. In art.  This month, check in often because we’re going to be featuring women who have chosen to use their loss as a way to fuel their own creativity in very different ways. They’re each honoring their angels, and have turned their tragedy into beauty. They’re remembering their babies through their words, their photos, their intricate designs, and their art. Hopefully their ideas and generous giveaways will inspire you as you begin writing your story for 2012.

Welcome to your new year and your fresh start. Let’s create. Let’s heal. And let’s inspire. Together.


Bookmark this page and come back often to see who is coming up this month in our series.

1/3 – Kristin Cook – Dear Stevie/Faces of Loss

1/5 – Kara Jones – Mother Henna

1/10 – Stephanie Dyer – Beyond Words Designs

1/12 – Beth Morey – Epiphany Art Studio

1/17 – Casey Wiegand – The Wiegands

1/19 – Beryl Young – Illuminate

1/24 – Francesca Cox – Small Bird Studios

1/25 – Jenn Stocks – My Tangible Peace

1/26 – Angie Yingst – Still Life With Circles

1/30 – Carly Marie Dudley – Project Heal

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