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If you haven’t taken some time to get to know Fran at Small Bird Studios, you need to. I love how she describes her art and her grief in the post below. I think we can all relate to our need for a community of women who understand this road we walk and I hope you’ll take some time to see what a ray of sunshine Fran is in this community. ~Beryl

Hi there, I’m Fran – baby lost mama to Jenna Belle Cox whom we said goodbye to after 13 days in the NICU in May of 2009. Our story and grief journey are documented at Small Bird Studios, where I like to share the beautiful mess she left behind.

Since losing Jenna it feels like I have been chasing the wind. Trying to take hold of something. Something tangible, to make the world see, just how beautiful she was.

I started blogging two months after her death, and slowly got back into my art. It has been *the* best therapy a girl could ask for. I cringed at the thought that anyone would have to go this alone. That is what the blog was for me – a sense of community. A real group of women from all over the world that understood. They got it. They hurt like I did. The bond has been unbreakable.

Everything took on new meaning when we lost our little girl. Things that I would have overlooked became little miracles. Like butterflies, small birds and dragonflies.

One project especially close to my heart is one that I share with the beautiful Carly Marie, Lost for Words. It is a card line specializing in child loss, miscarriage and infertility. Please click on the button if you wish to learn more about it. We also have designed two calendars with beautiful quotes and photographs to inspire healing.


Below are some blog posts you might be interested in reading if you would like to search my blog…

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Wishing you so much peace and healing, as I realize most that are here have experienced the loss of a child. My heart goes out to you,

xox fran

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