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This month has gone by so incredibly quick and it’s hard to believe we’ve reached our last inspiring guest post for our International Creativity Month series. Carly Marie Dudley is such an incredible force in the babyloss community and I am so glad to have her closing us out today. Please check out her generous giveaway below and be sure to visit her over at her website Project Heal. ~Beryl


Year 11 Art – Fail. Year 12 Art – Fail. The reason for the fail – None of my artwork was inspired by a famous artist. They pretty much failed me because I was original. I left school thinking I was a failure at what I loved most. Without a second thought I gave up on what my heart wanted because in my 17 year old mind I could not see past my teacher’s bad report. She had given me a D (which in Australia is a fail) What was the point in doing something that I apparently sucked at? So I graduated highschool and went and got a seriously boring job. My last job was working for the Department of Planning and Infrastructure. I sat in a call center all day and answered inquiries from people who were having issues with their licence and vehicle registration. The job itself was mind numbing and the only reason why I didn’t leave after the first month was the people that I worked with – they were fun!

In 2005 I fell pregnant with our first child. As my belly grew I felt the urge to pick up a camera, I photographed my beautiful growing baby belly and flowers – I loved flowers. I photographed them in my garden from when they were born as tiny buds all the way through to their full and magnificent blooms. Scarlett was born at full term but she was very unwell. She could not breathe on her own and she spent the beginning of her life in the NICU. She did not bloom as easily as the flowers I had been photographing in the months prior to her traumatic birth. After she was able to come home with us I lost my passion for taking photos. Everytime I looked at Scarlett’s photos I felt sick. She was all tied up with tubes and drips. She was bruised from head to toe. I put my camera away.

Fast forward to 2 1/2 years later. I am sitting at my dinner table holding a plastic sachet that held the ashes of Scarlett’s little brother Christian who was stillborn 18 months beforehand. Christian was just over a ruler length long. He had chubby cheeks and a button nose. Christian had a condition called Hyrdocephalus and because he did not have enough brain matter to tell him to swallow he never really grew a stomach and so at 21 weeks he pretty much stopped growing and he died at around 25-26 weeks. My life had stopped at his fatal diagnosis and 18 months later I still felt like I had no pulse. As I sat at the table holding his ashes I cried. I could not picture his face anymore. I had hit rock bottom. How could a mother possibly forget her son’s face?

That night I wrote on my blog about how terrible I was feeling. A friend in Colorado commented and said that she would pray that my next day would bring me some hope. That night I dreamed of Christian for the first time. My Earth and his Heaven had collided for a brief moment and we were together again. He was alive and well. I had found him and his friends. They were writing their names in the sand on one of Heaven’s beaches. As I looked down at their names Christian and his two friends ran off giggling with fun and laughter. I watched him disappear into the sand dunes and as I looked back down at his name in the sand the water came in and took his name out to sea. Then I woke up.

The next day keeping the dream to myself I picked up my little point and shoot digital camera and late that afternoon as the sun was beginning to set I drove down to the beach to write Christian’s name in the sand for the first time. It was an epic sunset to my surprise. I hadn’t seen a sunset since the day he was born. I wrote his name and started taking some photos. I remember standing in the water praying. I wondered if I should start doing this for people that I know have experienced the death of their babies and children. As I left the beach I blew a kiss out to the sea and drove to my parents house. I loaded the photos onto their computer. I showed my Dad “Oh that is really nice Pod” (He calls me Pod – long story) I told my parents that I was thinking of doing this for families who have lost children and that I was hoping that I might be able to do around 3 names each week for families here in my home town of Perth.

3 years and 4 months later I have written and photographed the names of 14,224 babies and children who are no longer here with us on Earth. I now spend any spare time that I have drawing butterflies, dragonflies and now peace doves in the sand on my son’s beach. My wait list is constantly filled with names of children from all over the world. It is tragic and beautiful all at the same time. I never imagined this would become my life.

I was given my creative gift from my grandad and even though it may have been taken away from me and that it took Heaven and Earth to come together to give it back to me, my son is the reason I am able to spend every sunset doing what I love so much. Art.

Writing, drawing and photography has helped me to heal and enriched my life in ways that I cannot explain. It has forced me to step outside into the fresh air and notice the beauty that mother nature creates for us. We live in an amazing world and as devastating as it can be, it is still incredible. My life began again on that Winter’s afternoon of 2008 when I finally picked up my camera.

I find my son through my artwork. We have a relationship. I might not be able to touch him but I know he visits me at the beach – he sends me dolphins and leaves me butterfly shells. I can only imagine the place that he now calls home.

This is a new year for us, make it just for you. Find out what makes your heart feel good. You deserve it.

I would like to thank Beryl my Faces of Loss Faces of Hope girlfriends for inviting me to share here in this International Creativity Month. I am so honoured and humbled.


Today I am giving away a beach photograph set today, it includes a Sand and Sunset Butterfly and a Name In The Sand.

If you would like to enter please leave a comment below.

Entries will be accepted until Thursday, February 2nd and a winner will be announced on the Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope Facebook page on Friday February 3rd.

With love and blessings to you all for 2012,

Carly Marie

Founder of Project Heal

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  1. What beautiful work you do. When I lost my Molly at 11 weeks, I wrote her name in the sand and let her be swept out to the ocean. I never thought to take pictures though, as that might make it all too real. I am so glad that you were able to find yourself in your photography again. Sometimes it helps us to see the things we thought were gone. All the best to you in your continued journey.

  2. Carly’s artwork is absolutely beautiful. We are currently on the wait-list for a butterfly for our Miranda. <3

    I'm so sorry that the re-lighting of your artistic passion was brought on by such sadness with the loss of Christian, but consider myself so blessed that you embrace this calling and bless the rest of us by sharing.

  3. Vanessa R says:

    I love your work. It has brought a sense of peace and warmth to my soul.

  4. “My Earth and his Heaven had collided for a brief moment and we were together again.” loved reading this part, sent chills over me. how incredible.

    I’m not entering the giveaway, just leaving you a note to say thank you so much for sharing this part of your story. I too felt like an epic failure in school at art class! (high school and college). Funny how things turn out.

    What a gift you are.

    • Carly and Fran! Me three ~ epic failure at art, and gave it up until Amelia was born! Well, just goes to show that a gift is a gift even if it isn’t used for a while. And how beautiful that our children gave us that moment of bravery to open up that gift, take it out, dust it off, and use it for the good of others. I think that is why God gave us gifts . . . not for the glory of ourselves, but to shine HIS light upon others.

      Your both such amazing artists and I am proud to known you.

      Hope this doesn’t mess up the entry, since I too am not entering, but just had to comment!

  5. This is such a beautiful idea!! I wish that one day my daughters name could be written in the sand.

  6. Stephanie D says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this gift. Thank you Carly!!

  7. I love your art its amazing!

  8. Jamie Jaramillo says:

    I’d love to be entered into the drawing. Thank you for everything you do!

  9. Sarah King says:

    I would love to win. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway :) and for all that you do.

  10. What a beautiful, yet heartbreaking story. Your photos are amazing and bring such peacefulness! You truly have a gift!

  11. I would love to win this gift! I have 4 angels in heaven.
    thanks for doing this you are an inspriation!

  12. Angel herald says:

    Hello. I think what you is amazing. I would love to win this because I never actually got to see the two babies I lost. Both was miscarriages. The first one at 6 weeks. I was very young and didn’t quite understand how to feel 8 years later with my second at 14 weeks. I did find out after my d&c it was a girl. Annalysa grace. I only 2 ultra sound pictures oh her in which I put into what would of been her baby book. I cherished that book. 8 months ago me an my husband moved an that book was lost. The only image I had if her is gone. After the loss of my daughter I always had butterflies around me. It comforted me do much. Like it was her or my first child saying it will be ok. Still to this day I always have the most amazing butterflies land on me or near me. I just wanted to give you a Lil insight of my story and why getting this photo would mean so much to me. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  13. Dana Fuscia says:

    Thank you for your post. It was wonderfully written and so comfortable to read. I would love to win this give away. The butterfly has become our symbol for our baby Rebecca Faith. She was born and passed In April 2010. She had Hypo-Plastic Left Heart Syndrome along with a rare genetic disorder. My husband and I have our oldest daughter Savannah and she is 5 years old and our youngest Angelena and she is 6 months old. We live at the south Jersey shore and love the beach. I would be so honored to have some of your creativity.

  14. Such a beautiful gift you are able to give us all… the gift of seeing our children’s names. There will be so many life experiences, where we will never see that. Many of us, who’ve lost a child or children, never got a birth or death certificate with their name on it to say, ‘yes, my baby was real and did exist’. We will never have their name on a kindergarten report card, driver’s license, high school or college diploma.

    Your passion and talent are an amazing gift. Through your images, your love for your son just shines and beams with pride. You’ve made two very special photographs for my son, Nathan… one being his very first Christmas tree. I cherish them. I was honored to be a part of your 2012 calendar and am proud to have your (and Fran’s) card line in our memory box donations.

    There are so many ways that you contribute to the baby loss community and it is very much appreciated! Thank you so much for all that you do. ♥

    P.S. Since I won the My Tangible Peace giveaway, if I were to win this one… I’d like to donate it to my friend, Kelly. Her son, Patrick will be celebrating his 1st Birthday in Heaven on March 15th. His mommy has endured an unimaginable year. First, she was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy and hospitalized numerous times during her pregnancy. Then, at 30 weeks gestation, she was induced after learning that little Patrick no longer had a heartbeat. She has since been diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome (which she feels is the reason Patrick’s heart stopped). She had an adrenalectomy to remove the tumor and is currently 9 1/2 weeks post-surgery. She is currently having to endure the painful withdrawal symptoms, which she’s been told could last up to a year. I would love to be able to offer her a glimmer of sunshine… a beautiful keepsake to remember her precious little boy by.

  15. I love your work, you wrote my ANGEL ~ELIJAH NATHANIEL DOUGLAS~ name in Christians beach, ID LOVE TO WIN 😉

  16. 😉 i lov your work hope this comment is right ive tried a couple times

  17. Beautiful!!!!!!! ahh love!!

  18. Fiona Sly says:

    Carly, You are truly an inspiration to all bereaved parents all over the world. I am a very proud stay at home mum to 9 children. (3 of which live here on earth with my hubby and I, the other the six, watch down from heaven above with their Gran). We lost all our babies at different stages, ectopic, miscarriages & stillbirth(at term). I am very heavily involved in voluntary work with bereaved families through Sid’s N Kids.
    My youngest child is about to start school and I have so many assorted emotions coursing through my body at the moment, and now after reading your beautiful story, I am inspired that the next 11 months are for me and for me to really discover what makes my heart feel good, I know it sounds selfish but the timing is now right!!
    Thankyou truly for all you do for all bereaved parents everywhere xxx

  19. Veronica (Mom of Baby Austin 8/2/11-9/1/11)) says:

    Hello Carly,

    A few months ago when I first read about your dream with Christian on the beach and his visit (leaving two lovely white feathers behind), I had hoped that I could possibly spend some time with my little guy in a dream, too—or receive a sign that he was fine. (I think) I almost had that dream; woke up confused and exhausted from being so close. Maybe someday when my spirit isn’t as dense with despair, my little Austin can reach me.

    Thank you for sharing your altruism with so many hearts!

    Good night <3 }{ugs to you and your family.

  20. vicki swanson says:

    Your work is amazing !!!

  21. vicki swanson says:

    My story is very different from the rest. I was very lucky to love my son for 22 years. But when I see your work I think of him bcuz he too was an amazing artist. My grief is not unlike yours as pain is pain. And although it has been 2 years it still hurts like it was yesterday and its so hard to type while still wiping away my tears.

  22. Love all Carlys work..
    I would like to enter for a friend of mine who just had her very special rainbow.
    Thanks so much.

  23. Hema Patel-Thorpe says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much comfort and strength your story and your work brings me. You are an inspiration for all that you do for others and also in keeping Christian’s legacy going. I have a butterfly and a name in the sand for my little girl. It brings me so much peace just gazing at the pictures in memory of my beautiful little girl who I miss more and more every day. Thank you CarlyMarie. X

  24. Samantha Loneragan says:

    Amazing work Carly, I’ve bought several friends who have lost children your names in the sands pictures, and they were so delighted to have that little extra to remember there babies. I know I am. I have so little of my Sophie, and you work reminds me of how beautiful she was and is.
    Thanks Carly! <3 your pictures make each day a little easier, helps me see that the world is still a beautiful place even though so many babies are no longer here. :(

  25. Your ministry is a balm for brokenhearts, not to mention breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for your caring heart and a chance to win my angel’s name!

  26. Hon you are an amazingly strong woman with a big,loving heart. Your story is such a powerful example to me,and inspires such hope. Little buds just starting to grow in my heart, that one day will hopefully bloom into those beautiful flowers you watched in your garden. God Bless you and your family.

  27. Beautiful as always Carly- You are an inspiration!


  28. Thanks Carly for the gift you give to others. I thankfully have photos of my boys Alex & Benjamin who died at 19weeks and display them with our other family photos as I feel that’s where they belong. Unfortunately there have been some bad newspaper etc articles recently about the “rightness” of displaying photos of our angels. Your photos allow people to show the love they have for their angels without offending otherts. again thanks .

  29. Katie Lemieux says:

    Thank you so much Carlton for doing something like this. I lost my daughter almost a year ago to ancephaly. The only part of her brain that formed was the brain stem that controlled her heartbeat. So at 23wks I heard the hardest news a mother could hear. My story doesn’t end there but through everything I was unable to even see my daughter, Violet. Your story hit so close to home esp. with the pics of flowers when you were pregnant. I choose her name because a Violet is small, fragile, but absolutely beautiful :) Big hugs to you mama for helping us with a pain that never goes away. Thank you

  30. I got chills when I read the number of names that have been written. I’m so sorry that we’re all in this “club” but I’m so thankful that there are people out there like you to help some of us through it all.

  31. I just love all of your work Carly. You are an inspiration.

  32. Holly Mendelsohn says:

    I love taking pictures…. I often take pictures of newborns as a favor to friends. Last January I was surprised to find out we were expecting (I have an 8 & 10 yr old). At 16 wks I lost my little boy Blake and we still don’t know why his heart stopped beating. I was able to get pregnant again and was thrilled. I lost my little boy Shane Dec. 22, 2011 to a cord accident at 24 1/2 wks. It has been a very difficult year on our family. We are doing our best to get through this difficult time. I put down my camera when I lost my Blake and have only picked it up a few times. Seeing your work has inspired me to pick it up again and start shooting. I’m trying to get my passion back. I’m hoping it will help me heal and move forward.
    Thank you Carly for your beautiful work and for helping us heal.

  33. I’m so deeply saddened by the loss of your son. Your artwork is amazing and I’m so glad you have been able to find him in your trips to the beach, the shells, the feathers, and your gift of art.

    I just lost twins a little over a month ago. I have nothing to remember them by except the two scars left on my belly from the two emergency surgeries I had to have. In the process, I almost lost my life, too They would have been our 1st/2nd child. The only children we have are our two angels in heaven. I cry for them every single day.

    Thank you for using your gift to help others who are grieving. Much love!

    • Sarah Hoffman-Kazlauskas says:

      My name is Sarah and this is a message for Rachel who lost twins a month ago. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in losing both babies. I lost both my girls in November 2011 at 24+2 weeks. It has just been such a devastating loss for us, and we are trying to adjust to life without them. It seems to be more unusual to lose more than one baby in a multiple pregnancy, but it happens. We are finding that only people who have experienced a baby loss can understand how we are feeling. If you would like to get in touch, please let me know.

      Carly has already created a sunset photograph for each our girls. I cannot thank her enough for bringing some comfort to our lives during at such a terrible time . Carly, you are amazing!

  34. When I read how many names you have put in the sand, I started to cry. What a beautiful and wonderful thing you do for this community. I also feel very close to my son at the beach. We went 3 months after his death. We just needed to get away and try to think about what our “new normal” was going to look like. We felt so close to him there.

  35. Such beautiful and breathtaking work that touches and inspires so many.

  36. Beautiful! I’m so glad that you were able to find your art again, and that it has brought you healing. What you do to help others on this journey is amazing. I hope that someday, somehow I might be able to help others as well.

  37. Your work and dedication is amazing. I yearn to ‘show off’ my beautiful first son to family and friends and being able to show them a beautiful sunset with his name brings me joy. Thank you.

  38. Hi Carly,
    I think your photography is incredible. I would love to have son’s name, Griffin, written in the sand.When he was stillborn 19 years ago, there was nothing to celebrate his birth. I still feel so empty and I find myself reading all these BLM blogs to feel connected. I think something like this could help me find closure. I truly need it.

  39. thank you for the chance. :) Carly, your work is amazing. Thank you for everything you do.

  40. Megan O'Malley says:

    What a beautiful way to remember our little ones. My daughter, Mackenzie, was born with a rare congenital heart defect that took her from us at only 26 days old. I, too, feel a connection with her at the beach. We released her ashes into the Gulf of Mexico. That afternoon, this little pink jellyfish followed us all along the shoreline. It was like her own little way of letting us know she was there in spirit.

  41. Clivé Burger says:

    Hi Carly, what a pleasant surprise opening this website – I have been surfing the net almost non-stop looking for mothers that lost their babies – trying to overcome my own sadness.

    We stay in South Africa and was on our way for a beach holiday on 31.12.2011 when we had a terrible car accident to which we lost our beautiful baby boy – Luka (9 and a half months old).

    Yesterday it was a month and still I cannot believe that it actually happened to us. I am in such a dark hole that I don’t know how I am ever going to get out from it. The saddest part is, I could not wait for this holiday as I was working terrible hours the last couple of months – as a journalist and photographer.

    My sons (the other one is 4 years old) love(d) the water and I could not wait to see them play on the beach and enjoying the sea. Well that never happened!

    I wish I can also meet Luka in my dreams just to see that he is still smiling and that he is OK. He was such an angel baby – always smiling! In the meantime until we meet again – we have to be satisfied with the feathers he sends us (my son picks it up and puts it in a glass bottle), butterflies and rainbows.

    Keep on doing the great work you’re doing and through that helping griefing moms!


    • Clive:
      I don’t have words for your loss. But my heart feels an ache as I read your post. Luka is smiling, and Luka is okay. You will meet him again and you are a wonderful mother. My Simone died two years ago. It has taken me this long to write about it. But I did the same as you are doing. I scoured the internet needing to read others stories of loss. I bawled and bawled when no one was home. I held it together for my husband and three year old son. What I found was that details of my experience were my own to keep, but generally there were others who had some idea of what it was like. Sometime down the road you will turn around and your need will be to comfort instead of be comforted. Until then take everything you can, and cry until you can’t cry anymore. Your story will be in my heart and the others that you share it with.
      With the greatest love~

    • Clive:
      I don’t have the right words to say about your loss. Luka is smiling and Luka is okay. You are an amazing mother. You will hold him again. I lost my Simone two years ago, and I did the same thing that you doing. I scoured the internet looking for other mothers who hurt. And you will find them. The details of your loss are yours to keep, but you will find other mothers in pain. My heart ached when I read your post. You and Luka have found a little piece of my heart. I will keep you in my prayers. May your dreams find him tonight.
      With love~

  42. Jessica Silva says:

    Carly, I think what you are doing is truly amazing! You have a true talent and I think it’s wonderful that you are willing to share that with moms and dads who have an angel baby in heaven. It’s never easy to lose a child, no matter what age, but knowing there are people out there who care enough to help remember them, is an amazing gift for any grieving parent. Thank you!


  43. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I would love to win as I have a little angel myself.

  44. Monique Confait says:

    Your work is inspirational. It brings me calm as the beach is the only place I feel ay peace right now. I lost my little man Sebastian 6 weeks ago today. I have viewed your site but have not yet brought myself to order. I think what you are doing is amazing. Please keep it up. You help so much.

  45. Stacy Lockhart says:

    You are truly a blessing to so many! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  46. Joanne (Kaylah's Mummy) says:

    I lost my daughter Kaylah rose rebecca 5 yrs old on the 21st december 2011, and we would love to win the pack with you Beautiful work.
    Kaylah loved butterflies, unicorns, & fairies :(

  47. You are an incredible person Carly x x x

  48. Carly finding Christians Beach was one of the first places that I realized I was not alone…thank you for sharing your precious Christian with us and all that he has brought to you your family and the child loss community. You have touched many lives in such a beautiful way. Today you do art but you help hearts heal and that is incredible! Thank you again for sharing and blessings to you and your family!!!

  49. Carly, you are amazing!

    I would love to win this gift

  50. Cassandra Cohen says:

    Carly, your photos are truly amazing. Thank you for giving my husband and I hope when all else seems lost.

  51. Such incredibly beautiful work! I would love to win! :)

  52. Janet McDade says:

    We had Noah’s name written in the sand as a gift from a friend for his 1st birthday last year. We have written his name in many places we have been, and ask friends as they traveled to the beaches last year to write his name and take a picture. I recently made an album of this, which we are going to turn into a calendar. No, the butterfly’s aren’t as “artistic” as yours are, but they mean the world to me. Loving and missing my little guy!!!! In memory of Noah Boone, March 5, 2010 – March 15, 2010.

  53. April Terry says:

    I would love to win this gift :) my son Brent Alexandre went to Heaven on November 7th,1998

  54. I don’t love that there are so many names to write in the sand, but since there are I LOVE what you do! We recently received our son’s name in the sand and it is seriously perfect. Thank you so much! At first I was worried that I wouldn’t like his sunset, that I would like another child’s sunset better. I kept comparing it to the other sunsets. Finally I looked at it and I realized how it is definitely Marcellus’s sunset. Every time I look at it I just get the feeling of him. Again, thank you for all your amazing work!

    I would love to win and if I did I would give away the names in the sand to a BLM friend.

  55. Your work and Christian’s legacy bring hope and peace to the loss and despair of people around the world. Thank you from all of us xxx

  56. We lost our daughter Sophie Elizabeth last Spring. This would be such a beautiful photograph to have to remember her always. You truly have given a gift to so many families.

  57. danielle siggins says:

    What a beautiful outcome from such a sad and tragic story, I also lost my son chason to sids at 3 weeks old, he was my 3rd born and my only son, I have since had a daughter almost one year to the day that he was born, the loss of him made me feel such a acute awareness of emptiness that I began trying again for another baby right away, and I ended up with my 3rd daughter, my son would now be 3 years old and I find myself in the same predicament as you in the sence that I feel everyday that I’m forgeting what he looked like, and find myself staring at his pictures, and I think what you are doing is a beautiful way to remember them by, without bringing all the sadness with it….

  58. Carley the work you do not only allows you to heal but also helps others on this painful and sometimes unbearable journey find some comfort. Your work… the beautiful sunset pictures have slowly made me see the beauty in life again. It will be 1 year since i held my little man in my arms on the 11th March 2012, not a day passes that i don’t think of him. What a wonderful way to honor our son on his angelversary this would be. Either way, please continue what you are doing as you have made a huge impact on many peoples lives and helped them find some comfort. This is a beautiful way for you to honor Christian and keep his memory alive. xxx

  59. You have a beautiful story and give fellow bereaved parents so much hope and joy through your artwork. I have recently lost my second perfect preemie due to unexplained preterm labor only 11 months after my first. I pray I can find some hope this year and maybe even something that will bring me a small piece of joy again.

  60. Kyla Barker says:

    Thank you for the beautiful names you write at the beach .. it has brought me some peace since my baby boy Landen Passed away June 18, 2011

  61. I would love to see Simone’s name written in the sand. You found a place to heal a little part of mothers hearts. Thank you.

  62. Michele Groth says:

    Such a terrible group to be a part of but so thankful for support like this. I would love to win this giveaway.

  63. Renee Connor says:

    Hi Carly your work is outstanding, would love to win this prize.

  64. I would like to enter the sunset giveaway! Thank you 😉

  65. Cheadle Babies

  66. what a beautiful giveaway your work is amazing your courage and strength is incredible…

  67. Donna Wainright says:

    I love your artwork.It is amazing. Thank you for all you do for the families of lost loved ones. Every butterfly and name in the sand makes remembering that much more special. :)

  68. Annamarie Anderson says:

    Carly you’re an inspiration and it would be awesome to win.

  69. I love every single image you have created. My new favorite is the crystal butterfly, it reminds me of my rainbow baby who would not be here if his big sister had not gone to heaven. You inspire me on a daily basis, I am so glad to have found your work. It has definitely given me hope in some of the darkest times, and a way I can remember my sweet Adelyn. Thank you.

  70. Jessica White says:

    I would love to be entered into your give away. Your work is beautiful and to know that you share our story makes it that much more incredible. Thank you.

  71. Debbie Morrison says:

    You have been a good support to many… This is a great way to share..

  72. Heather Taylor says:

    After teh loss of my daughter last year this sight was one place I really knew I wasnt alone

  73. candace bowser says:

    I would love to win this set for my son – baby marv – who was born and passed 10/5/10 but due 2/19/11. He should be one this month, instead of planning a birthday I’m trying to find new picture to be placed on my wall next to his curious cabinet of momentos. Best of luck to all;-)

  74. Megan Bohn says:

    Your website has been an incredible comfort to me. I miscarried on Dec. 9 and have been on a roller coaster of emotions since then. I love looking through your beautiful artwork and reading all the stories of hope that you and others have shared. You are an inspiration. Thank you for your talents. I would love to win and have my babies name honored by your work. :)

  75. A very touching and heartfelt blog. I can only hope that one day I can be as strong as you have become.

  76. Amanda Monopoli says:

    So powerful. So inspiring. Thank you Carly. Your work is beautiful. <3

    • Hello Carly your work is very beautilful i have bourght some of your art work of your son christain beach with my angel daughters name.I would love to win this beautiful art work to honor my daughters memory my 1st baby was a girl her name is niki she is now 4 1/2 years old my 2nd baby is name is maria she was sick at 4 1/2 month in to my preganacy i had to give birth to her she only lived in my arems for 25 mins to me it feelt years in 2008 and now its been 3 1/2 years that she lift us to go to heavenly haven with all her angel friends and one of them is your son christain about 6 months of lossing maria i miscarriaged 2 babys 2009 &2010 and on the 13 0f september 2011 i find out i was pregnant to my 3rd baby girl she was born healthy on may 19th 2011 and she is now 8 months.Carly i would love to win this beautiful and lovely art of yours thank you.

  77. Thank you for your amazing photos, you wrote my nephews name in the sand and it was a beautiful present for my sister in law.

  78. Kandis Tubb says:

    This is such a beautiful story <3 bless you Carlly, for all you do in sweet Christian's name <3

  79. Once again Carly you are an inspiration. Thank you for all you to for those of us that have lost. My sons Aydens name is a beautiful picture in the center of our families photo wall. Thank you for doing what you do.

  80. I have had my angels name wrote in the sand twice from you i love them. they are in canvas on my walls :) I was looking for a link or email to send you a message, my 5 yr old has a hard time with death hes very sensitive. Over the new year we lost my childhood pony Dolly who my son also rode and our beloved dog Ziggy. Now my 5 yr old has a list of people he hopes to see in heaven. I was wondering if you would write Dolly and Ziggy in the sand if at all possible. I will continue to look for a link on your page to ask this question also. It might seem silly to some but our animals are our family, it would mean a great deal to my son to have his pets on our wall with Gage :)
    Love your work!!!

  81. Christina Banks says:

    Love all your work!!!

  82. Pam lombard says:

    My sister put my daughters name on the waiting list to have her name drawn in the sand I would really cherish a photo of it her name is Willow Mary Scott she was born sleeping on the 26/12/11

  83. gina rodriguez says:

    I have been following you since you first started Christian’s Beach and I have to say you are a true blessing to so many of us who have lost a baby. I hope that you continue to help people heal through your gift for many more years. <3

  84. I would love to win this special giveaway that you are doing. Your work is amazing!! Thanks for what you do!!!

  85. Milena Iribarren says:

    I lost my son, Enzo to Potter’s Syndrome on July 29, 2011. Enzo was diagnosed with Potter’s Syndrome (a syndrome in which my son didn’t develop his kidneys correctly and therefore, they didn’t function) during my 20 week ultrasound. We quickly learned that Potter’s Syndrome was not compatible with life. Enzo was born on July 28, 2011 at 11:18pm and gave us 4 hours and 25 minutes of his beautiful and powerful lifetime. Enzo went with the angels on July 29, 2011 at 3:43am. He is now my sweet, precious angel. My gorgeous son. My every breath. My life, my world, my love <3 mami misses you baby boy. Forever Enzo, my forever baby! Te amo Enzo.

  86. holly emerson says:

    Thank you for giving us a chance to remember our angels in such a beautiful way!

  87. Melinda Begic says:

    Amazingly Beautiful… Thank you

  88. Carly,
    Thank you for all your beautiful art. What makes it truly special is that you put your heart and soul into each and every name and it shows.
    Thank you

  89. Carly has a beautiful heart and art. When she wrote my angel’s name, I felt so blessed. I then had more than an ultrasound to remember Bailey by.

  90. Sarah Rowland says:

    Hi huni, I think what you do is just beautiful, you are a treasure. I would love to enter your giveaway please. I have 4 angel babies myself but if I win I would like to do it for my mum. She lost my little sister during pregnancy and of course still grieves for her 21yrs later. This gift would be an awesome tribute that i know she will cherish. Love to you and thankyou for everything you do :)

  91. Kristen Wirth says:

    I think it be nice to win and Carly I just love what you do god gave you great Talent!!!

  92. Thank you for all you do for people, like yourself, who are missing a special little someone. ~tight hug~

  93. I have purchased a couple of your photographs already for my angel, Jett. I am waiting for the day that I can find something that helps people who have helped me. Waiting for the peace.

  94. Lorretta Osborne says:

    I would love this for our precious Son! Thank you for what you do!

  95. Julie Osmanovic says:

    My sweet son was born January 5, 2012 at 23 weeks and lived a brave 10 hours. Your work is beautiful and brings much peace!
    Thank you!

  96. Your work is amazing…everyday I try to find something to keep my angel’s memory alive…others so quickly forget our special angels…no words can say just how much it would mean to have such an amazing, heartwarming and meaningful piece of art to remember and honour my baby.

  97. Beautiful work you do :)

  98. What a beautifully written post! I would love to be entered in this giveaway! I love all of your art and photography.

  99. What you do is so beautiful. I’d love to win for my angel, Leo.

  100. Silvia DiPietro says:

    What a blessing you are to all of us that have not even a picture to remember our little angel. To grieve without a memory or an image is very difficult…but you give us something so amazingly beautiful that can only bring comfort to our hearts. Thank you and may God keep on blessing you.

  101. Jennifer Lafleur says:

    Thank you so much for all the work you do in honor of our babies. Your gifts will be definately recognized when you get to finally be with Christian. He must be so proud of what u Re doing for his angel friends.

  102. You are truly a strong woman and an inspiration to us all. Your work is amazing and brings us all so much peace! Thanks for all you do for us BLMS and BLDS!

  103. The work you do is incredible. Thank you.

    I would love to be entered in the beach photography set giveaway in memory of my daughter.

  104. Brittany comp says:

    Love my little girl’s name that Carly did for me. This ministry is amazing and I love that I was able to benefit from it. May never meet you Carly but I think you are an inspiration!!!

  105. I think what u do is absolutely amazing.

    While i have lost our beautiful son ~Jake Thomas~ I would actually love to win this sfor an overseas friend who has no access to this kind of thing or the support networks i ahve recieved in the nearly 5 years since his passing.
    Thank you for the gifts you give us

  106. missy lee says:

    You do such amazing work! I would love to win these! Thank you Carly, for all you do!

  107. julie massey says:

    Everything you create is breathtaking, Carly. thank you for all you do. i would love to have a sunset butterfly for my sweet angel Gracelyn Ciana. i miss her so

  108. Brooke Payne says:

    In loving memory of my son Marshall. Born sleeping at 27 weeks.
    Your work is amazing.. I would love to win.

  109. Sierra Crisp says:

    ever since i lost my angel Jaydon in 2009 i have found a major sense of peace in what you do for so many deserving people like myself
    i would love a set like this in memory of Jaydon as i miss him very much and this would give me some stability
    i <3 ur work Carly you are my key inspiration!!

  110. Stephanie Moery says:

    Please enter me into the drawing! Thank you Carly for your dedication and heartfelt drawings! They are all simply amazing!!! I love mine that you did for our precious Wesley!

  111. Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have my three angels’ names written in the sand. I also recently purchased a sand butterfly that features their three names next to three butterflies. I love all of them, and they are proudly displayed in our home.

    Therefore, I would like to enter this giveway for my co-worker Melia. She recently delivered her daughter Hope stillborn at 20 weeks. She went in for the big 20-week ultrasound to learn the gender. Instead, she learned there was no longer a heartbeat. It’s only been a little over two weeks, and I would love to give her such a treasure.

  112. Lisa Grimes says:

    I would love these, they are so beautiful!

  113. Ellen Garyfallou says:

    After being told in my 20’s it would be nearly impossible to conceive I went for fertility treatments at the age of 39 and miraculously the first one worked. We lost my little one’s heartbeat at 8 weeks. I cannot tell you how much your page and your pictures with her name have helped me heal. I searched for almost a year for a way to honor her, and then I found you. thank you so much for the work you do! God Bless you!!

  114. Your work is Amazing, your gift to so many is incredible. What a legacy Christian has left behind. You are such a beautiful person. I lost my sweet boy in June of 2008… it was that year as you were barely getting started that you wrote my sweet boy’s name in the sand. Though I treasure that photo, the ones you create now are so incredibly more beautiful! I do not believe it was sent in high resolution back then it was simply posted to your old blog (when I had it printed large it was not very clear) and I love how you now send them that way! I have watched you bloom and blossom in these last 3 years and am still in awe of this incredibly precious work you are doing. I stand amazed to see how much this work has grown in this short time and how much more you have done! LOVE, love the card line, all the photos, the butterflies, dragonflies and all the other things you have begun!
    Thank you for the selfless gifts you continue to give each day to bless so many!

  115. michelle mullens says:

    thankyou for all you do everyday to help us on this journey

  116. Jackie Arnold says:

    My photo of Leah’s name in the sand sits in my desk and I look at it everyday! I love it…and I miss her!

  117. BETH ROGERS says:

    Carly, thank you so much for your beautifull sand drawings. My sand butterfly photo is in pride of place on my wall. I would love to enter your giveaway today. Bless you and your wonderfull family for all you do for all of us.
    Many thanks Beth

  118. Lara rosevelt says:

    Your work is so valuable, sending out virtual hugs to all our blm’s . It can be a lonely path that we walk.

  119. Tegan chambers says:

    Your story above is a huge inspiration. I myself have never lost a child of that gestation but 2 miscarriages, so a little face to me is something I’ll never have. After reading your story I now know to look out for the little signs we are given day in day out. Thank you!!

  120. I am so moved by the images you create. My sons were born at 24 weeks and Ewan lived and died in the NICU. Liam did not see the sun until the day he came home, at 109 days old. I like to imagine both my boys in the sun. one boy drawing in the sand, and one fluttering overhead…

  121. Cynthia Complese says:

    Carly, the work you do is beautiful and inspiring! I love all that you have going for this! God bless you and your work!

  122. Carly, you are such an amazing artist. Reading your post made me cry, it was so touching. Thank you for giving all of us this gift of your talent. It would be so amazing to win this wonderful gift you truly are a very generous person. Thank you for sharing your story. xo

  123. Melody Muller says:

    I’d love to have your gifts. Your work is beautiful!

  124. Christine Pastore says:

    I would love to win this and remember my beautiful angel, Michelle, who would have been turning 5 years old tomorrow. :(

  125. Carly, your work brings tears to my eyes! Please don’t take that comment the wrong way. The tears are good healing tears. Your work brings peace to my soul as I think about my baby boy, born 16 weeks too soon. Thank you so much for sharing Christian’s beach with us.

  126. Katie Lindhurst says:

    Carly, you are such an inspiration. I like how you said that it is a new year, so we should take time to find something we love to do. I am starting to do that this year. I am doing things for me. Although at times I feel as if I am a bad mother to my son who is here with me, I know it is because of my daughter who is in Heaven that I am doing some of these things. May God bless you in all that you do. I LOVE your work and all that you do. Thank you!

  127. I admire what you are doing for all us out there who like you have suffered an unspeakable loss. You give us beautiful ways to remember our short times with angels or beautiful ways to remember the tragic circumstances that did not allow us to meet our angels. Thank you

  128. Chenelle hastings says:

    I’m entering for our Jude born silent at 40+5 weeks on 7.8.11 and for our babyH2 miscarried at 6 weeks 1.5.12 <3

  129. Vanessa R says:

    What an amazing giveaway!

  130. Rosie Appleton says:

    You are an inspiration Carly and must have the most amazing family to support you in what you do… <3 to you all, and thanks

  131. amy wirth says:

    You do amazing work and such a gift for parents to have. Our daughter was stillborn almost a year ago and your picture or her name in the sand brings me peace each time I look at it.

  132. Bianca DeLone says:

    Carly, Your work is absolutely beautiful! I have been admiring your work for many months. Thank you for your time and talent. You give comfort to so many…Christian was truly blessed when you became his mom. His sweet little soul is remembered by all those whose lives you touch. Blessings to you and your family!

  133. Jaime Neuenschwander says:

    I’d be honored to win. I absolutely love your beautiful pictures!!!!

  134. What beautiful work! You have such a gift!! We just had Samantha’s one year angelversary and we are coming up on the one year date of when we had her buried. This would be for our angel Samantha, born January 27, 2011.

  135. Carly, your work & support is amazing. I am a bereaved mum of 7 years, and already have Harry’s name in the sand on canvas. I am supporting a recently bereaved family, and would love to win to give to them.So much sadness, so much pain, but inspiration and hope and connection to our Angels. By sharing, we are healing. xxxx

  136. Erin Shubin says:

    Carly, you do so much beautiful work and the picture I have of Titus’ name in the sand provides me with a great sense of comfort. Thank you for all the work you do, you are an inspiration.

  137. The work you do is beautiful and finds a way to touch our hearts at time when our hearts are broken. Thanks for everything Carly!

  138. Marcia Coker says:

    Carly your work is amazing. I am so very sorry for the loss of your son but I am very glad that Christian was able to help you begin using your gift again. xoxoxo

  139. Michele peters says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. You have helped my sister heal, along with several friends. God Bless.

  140. Rochelle Luaders says:

    Carly, you do such beautiful work. I would like to enter the giveaway. My son Teddy died in June 2010 after 7 short hours of life outside me. Thank you for all you do.

  141. Thank you for the gift you give to so many family’s!! I for one have we lost our baby boy Alex on april 22 2011 at 29 weeks due to hydrops. It is when your body is full of fluid in that caused his lungs not to grow. Alex lived for 1 day and in that day he touch more lives then anyone of us can do in a lifetime! We ordered one of your 5 $ sunset butterflies with his name beautiful we are so greatful for your gift :) Nicole

  142. beth adams says:

    Thank you for the amazing work you do. You have touched so many people and have brought us closer to our children.

  143. Jacinta G says:

    Reading your story brought tears to my eyes. So many names, so many mothers and fathers who feel the way I do. So many people that you create a beautiful memory for. I love your work and I cherish the sunset I have for my Charlie. Thank you.

  144. I never got a picture of my son Connor who was born asleep. His name on Christian’s Beach is my photo of him. Carly Marie’s work has provided me with a little comfort in these horrible times.

  145. talichia ellenburg says:

    Your story is so heartwrenching! I have lost 2 babies and will never forget the heartbeat that once lived inside me!

  146. Lucinda Brady says:

    You and your talent to draw has and will forever touch us angel mummys,daddys hearts.when I got my angels name in the sand it makes u feel like it’s just for him.i would love to win this to hang in my house for all to see and be proud and to know our son was here on earth.and just not in my head

  147. I am so grateful for the work you do. I have my son Alexander’s name in the sand framed and on display for all to see. \
    I would like to be entered into the contest, but for my friends son Cole. he died on Jan 20th from cancer and was just 5 years old His last words were “Smile – Be Happy”. At his funeral all were requested to wear bright colors, because that is what he loved

  148. Lindsay Mazouch says:

    We lost our first baby John at 5 months, The 30 short minutes that we were able to spend with him will live with us forever. John now has a sister and a brother. We are currently about 5 months with our 4th child and praying everyday for a strong and healthy baby. God Bless your work.

  149. Melissa L. says:

    You are an inspiration, You did my 2 angel boys (Nicholas & Joshua) names in the sand not long after Josh died. I have the 2 pictures in a frame in my study and then I was lucky enough to meet you at the Heartfelt exhibition in Melbourne. I don’t expect to win but I do love your beautiful art. Can’t believe your story about school, I have tried writing and drawing in the sand and believe me it’s not something just anyone can do so you obviously have a talent! It brings tears to my eyes that you have made your sons life mean so much by doing what you do. The amount of people you have brought joy to is too great to put a number on, I wish I had a way of honoring my sons lives the way you have. Christian is known by pretty much the entire baby loss community because you have made it your life’s work to bring awareness and help those who are walking similar paths to yourself. He would be so proud!!! <3

  150. Tricia Andeson says:

    It is such a lovely idea – I love looking over the ocean into the sky wondering where my little angel is.

  151. Carissa Barrow says:

    You are an absolute inspiration Carly, you art has given so many families a little piece of Christians Beach to have and treasure <3

  152. Connie tatum says:

    As I am sitting reading all these stories and think to myself I am not alone. It kindda saddens me… A part of me wish I was alone. I never want anyone to go through what I did or what any one of us did. I thank god for giving me the blessing to become pregnant experience what all comes with it and even delivering. Sadly I never got to see my daughter alive. As much as I am grateful to have the chance to be a mom.. I never wanted to go through it again and a year later my son came and yet again to early to make it and passed 45 mins later in my arms… Its been about 5 to 6 years now and to this day I am still over come with sadness. I put that smile on my face but still a part of me is missing.. a part I will never get back. I don’t even know what I am writing this for all to see but its making it better.. I know ya’ll understand. I came here wanting to win this so bad.. its like i need this ..but I am sitting here with tears in m eyes thinking I am no better then these ladies or men who want it and need it just as bad. I hope who ever gets it fills there heart with a little bit of happiness where that hole is from missing there sweet angel or angels b/c I know if it is me that wins.. it will fill mine. Thank you Thank you thank you Carly for all you do for all of us… Its where I find peace on the tough days ..when no one understands I come to your fb page or your website.. and think we are strong.. we have the toughest job of all and thats being Mommies/daddies of beautiful sweet angel(s) .. Angels we can’t see everyday but know they are there with us forever until we meet them again. God bless you all.

  153. The photo’s of your work that I have seen are truly amazing and breathtaking. What a wonderful way to keep our babies memories alive and to honor them. I wanted to share my story with you about my precious son Gavin who was stillborn at 36 1/2 weeks, causes unknown.I put his website above to share. I miss him dearly and would love one of your beautiful creations to honor him. Thank yo for the opportunity. <3

  154. Entering your contest for my baby Olivia. (Olivia Faith Richardson). She passed away 6 1/2 weeks ago. Forever in my heart.

  155. Cheri Jelatis says:

    ♥ Your work and message is so beautiful and full of love♥ Thank you for everything you do.

  156. I would be honored!!

  157. Valerie Garcia says:

    Would love to win :)

  158. Jaye Ritter says:

    Your work is beautiful.

  159. Laura Gebhardt says:

    Your work is beautiful. You have truly been blessed with a great talent.

  160. Ashley Frederickson says:

    I never knew why Christian died. Your story is heart wrenching but inspiring because you’ve made much of his brief life. Thanks for the giveaway <3

  161. Rhonda Whitby says:

    Aww just beautiful,,and it takes a beautiful person to do something lie this! xx
    My baby boy Toby was born on the 22/9/2011 at 16 weeks, so hard to understand Y,,i miss him more and more everyday,,you work is great!x

  162. Your story is so uplifting and filled with hope. And hope is something that can be extremely difficult to find when experiencing a loss like all mommies of angels have experienced. This March will be 5 years since my daughter, Alexis, grew her wings.
    Anyone would be honored to be the winner of this giveaway. <3

  163. Love all your work! Butterflies remind me of my little angel, Marissa. <3

  164. Tara Smith says:

    I lost my beautiful little man only two weeks ago, and I have already got a name in the sand photo from you for my angel Cooper Charles, but would love to have more, I absolutely love your work and think its such a beautiful thing your doing for all these families! I still don’t know why Cooper died, at his 20 week scan they saw fluid on his brain, and exactly a week later at our follow up scan he was gone. I miss him more and more with each day that passes, and I just wish someone could bring my little boy back.

  165. Rebecca C says:

    Your work is beautiful.

  166. The work you do is quite beautiful.

  167. Jennifer Snyder says:

    I just buried my Christian on Monday, he died in utero at 14 weeks, it would be nice to have something to memorialize him….

  168. Thank you for dong what you do, it’s amazing.

  169. sharon bendeich says:

    your art work is lovely would love to enter fir the 2 children we lost :-) thankyou

  170. Rebecca DeWitt says:

    You and your photos have helped me and my family heal after the loss of our twin sons, Harrison and Gabriel. I know how much love and creativity you put into each photo session and find myself looking at your page several times a week to see the work you have done and honor each of those babies in your own way. This last winter I framed and gave the pictures of my sons’ names in the sand to my sons’ grandparents as well as placed them on my own wall. Thank you for sharing your story and your heart.
    ~ Rebecca

  171. adelia williams says:

    i want to say thank you because even if i don’t win, you and women like you have already given me the most increadable gift. The gift of knowing that i am not alone. The gift of knowing that there are others who have felt the same pain i have. The gift of knowing that there are people who care.

  172. gina toothe says:

    i love your work and everything you have done for the babyloss community. You are a true angel on earth. i love all the pics you have done for me. i had nothing special like this to honor my angel until i heard of you 😉

  173. Belinda Ortiz says:

    In 1986, at a very young age of 15, I was assaulted, resulting in a tubal pregnancy which had to be terminated. I went on to marry & have 3 children. After my divorce, as a single mom, had 2 more children. My 4th child was the result of a date rape. Now that I have remarried & my children have grown, I find myself grieving for the loss of my 1st unborn child, who never had a chance or a name. My baby would be 25 now, and I find myself wondering all the time about the life he/she would have. I guess I never allowed myself to grieve before & now it’s time for some kind of closure.

  174. Carly,

    I too know that my son is with me. He sends me dolphins, cloud images, rainbows, butterflies, and other little signs. Especially when I need them most. I know he is in a place that is indescribable by words, a truly magical place. Wishing you peace everyday. Thank you for your gift as it has brought peace to me. Xoxo


  175. So beautiful! You are inspiring so many, every day. Love to you, Carly!

  176. Kylie Walker says:

    You do such a lovely thing for bereaved families. I wish that my angel, Teanne, would come to me in a dream.

  177. my name is Annie and I a mother to identical twins. I was 26 weeks when I lost one of my boys, whom I named Nicholas. The reason is unknowned although doctors say it was twin to twin transfusion which they never diagnosed me with until my sons death. On April 18th, I went for an apt at my ob\gyn and both babies where fine. On April 21st, I went for my high risk apt and I was told Nicholas was no longer here, he had no heart beat. 26 weeks going on 27 in 2days and it happened out no where without warning. I was told the second baby was at risk as well being that both shared one sac and one placenta. This give away will mean so much to me and my dear Nicholas because I never met him, or got to hold him, on the day of my delivery I was under general anestigesia due to complications and had an emergency csec. I never got to hold, smell or see my little hero. This will meet so much to me, nicholas and nicholas lil brother survivor Gabriel. Gabriel was born on May 21st at 31 weeks and spent 5 weeks in the Nicu. Nicholas gave life for Gabriel. if I win, I will show this picture to gabriel when he is older. I will send to make big at a photo store and hang it up in my bedroom in memory of Nick. I have no other memory of him. This will be our first. God bless all the mommies whom experience a lost. God bless you for doing all this for us. good luck everyone.

  178. Monica Weaver says:

    I think that this would be a great gift to my mom by the time Mother’s day comes around. She lost my older brother years ago and I never got to meet him.

  179. Brandy Heulitt says:

    CarlyMarie, your story is so inspiring and truely touches the hearts of those that have felt the same loss. I adore your artwork for so many reasons. It has helped me cope in so many ways that I can not even express. Thank you so much for taking the time to go out at sunset and create these beautiful works of art and more importantly something I can charish for a lifetime.

  180. sarah morgan says:

    This is for our sweet Nevaeh who was only with us for 23 hours. We had to make the heartbreaking decision to take her off of life support. Her name was perfect heaven spelled backwards. We believe Jesus didn’t have anything to teach her while she was here on earth, she was too perfect for us here. I believe that sometimes the Lord needs angels and we were selected to give birth to angels. I feel blessed to have had such a perfect angel.

  181. Tammy Ray says:

    I would love to have a picture like this to remember my Faith Ann who went to heaven August 3, 2011. Thank you for creating something so beautiful for these angels.

  182. you wrote my little boy’s name in the sand two years ago. thank you for that gift.

  183. Jory Shoopman says:

    I think what you do is so wonderful! I lost my son Kaden 3 years ago when he was only 22 days old. He was born 12 weeks premature on Christmas day. I miss him everyday, your photos give me a small bit of peace and healing.

  184. Carly, I was brought to your website by my new friends on a Triplets Lost Mommies group through facebook. I was invited to join this group after meeting another mother who lost a triplet child too soon. It was so sad to see that this has happened to others, but I was so relieved to be part of a circle that understands me and the pain of losing a child. I seen the – name in the sand – picture you did for one of the mother’s and it choked me up. It was so beautiful – such a special way to remember her angel. They told me about your website-blog and I got completely lost in it today. Looking at your work and reading everything the parents wrote along with the pictures. It made me emotional. The work you do for all the grieving out there is incredible. Your baby Christian was brought to your life for such an amazing purpose. Through you, Christian is touching the lives of thousands. What an incredible life he was. I lost 2 of my beautiful babies and have been trying to think of something to do for them in rememberance, but nothing I thought of felt good enough. I knew that I would see something perfect someday and I have! I would love to have one of your name in the sand pictures and enter your contest for the giveaway, but whoever gets the giveaway will absolutely deserve it! Thank you for you work!

  185. Absolutely beautiful work Carly! Many, many thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

  186. Gorgeous -I love what you do!
    Thank you got sharing your story, I have always wondered how you started…

  187. samantha Hollier says:

    I love that you do this I list my son Anthony March of 2011. Thank you for all you do for everyone

  188. I would love to have one of these to remember by lost babies! This Christmas we had an angel watching over us from heaven. Sadest Christmas ever! Your artwork is beautiful!!!

  189. Thank you ladies for all you do! You help families out in a way that I would never be able to repay. Carly, I look at my Logan’s name constantly, and the same with the three hearts in the sand you did for me. I will always treasure those photos, and they arent just photos, they are reminders of all the love and joy I had, the broken heart and hurt I felt, and the comfort and hope I now have. Thank you.

  190. I read about your and Christian’s story a few years back and thought how beautiful it was. Years later our family is dealing with the loss of our nephew Harry who was stillborn a few days before Christmas at 24 weeks gestation. He was a sick little boy and we knew he wouldn’t make it but it was still a shock when it actually happened. Feeling the urge to do something I was scanning through facebook pages looking for something but I didn’t know what. That night I found two pages that touched me, Yasminah’s Gift of Hope (I hope to be volunteering for them soon) and yours. I recognized your story straight away and it has been great to see that it is flourishing. What you do is healing and powerful and it offers us a bit of all our lost children and Heaven to help us find peace. I wish you so much love, luck and prayers for the future. If I happen to win your competition I’d love so much to give the prize to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law on the due date of their beloved Harry.

  191. Your site was one of the first I found when I lost my triplets boys. My friend directed me there as she found comfort for her loss through your work. I’m grateful there are people like you in the world who seek to comfort others in their losses as you comfort yourself. Lots of love to you.

  192. Jan Duncan says:

    This would be a wonderful gift to my daughter, whose name is Carly Maree, to remember her baby Lissa Poppy who was with us for such a brief time in March 2002.

  193. You doing this is an amazing gift to so many Mums around the world. I love writing my daughter’s name in the sand – there is something really healing about it. Keep up your beautiful work!

  194. Miranda Brickman says:

    Rhian Elisabeth born sleeping at 34 weeks jan 4 2012.

    Caden Leon born sleeping at 18 weeks jan 6 2010.

  195. We just received a dove from you this week. So beautiful. Love it especially since our son’s name means “dove.” Thank you for sharing your gift. We plan to order a sunset name in the future.

  196. What a beautiful story and an amazing way to connect with your son. I just lost my daughter a month ago and I’m so lost still. Seeing this gives me some hope. Thank you for that.

  197. Mary Spagnolo says:

    Just over 2 weeks ago I lost my triplets. I went into preterm labour. It has shattered my world. I sat on the computer one night, all night, reading about others who had gone through similar experiences. I read on a blog from another triplet mom about your work and what you do to help parents heal. Since then, I have been on your website and facebook page every day, several times a day, waiting to get my babies names on your list. I have looked through all your pictures, and all the websites and organizations you support and work with. What you do is truly amazing and I commend you for it. I’m still not in a good place, but hope with time and support I can be as strong as all of you. Thanks for all you do Carly!

  198. amanda chalifoux says:

    Today was my angel Lily Belle first birthday and all day I prayed for sign or a feeling, like you’ve had with Christian. I loved the shooting star story. But I know my baby is in a better place, playing with gods children <3 peace & love <3

  199. I love all that you do for the baby loss community. You have somehow brought light and joy into the darkness that became of my heart when my son Leo died. Thank you for such a beautiful opportunity. <3

  200. Beautiful. And emotionally stirring at the same time. Thank you.

  201. Katrina Knight says:

    I’d love to win this in memory of my baby girl Gracie Mae Robertson born sleeping on 18/8/2010. Miss u beautiful xxx
    Thanks Carly for another beautiful collection! Mwa!! Xxx

  202. Thanks for sharing this, Carly, and for everything that you do. I cannot say how grateful I am. Much love. xoxo

  203. Karen Morrison says:

    Beautiful story, beautiful pictures and, although we have never met, I imagine a beautiful ladt with a heart filled with love xx

  204. Anne Evans says:

    Your work is so beautiful. I would love to win this for my son Zachary Jan. 3rd 2011

  205. Mary Wallace says:

    You are such a strong and beautiful person. You inspire me to do what I love…. You’ve helped SOO many mothers remember their little angels through your wonderful work. Thank you so much for what you do.
    Much Love, Mary <3

  206. Sandra Sangster says:

    Thank you Carly for helping us all heal a little bit more….it’s been 3 years now since I lost my twin boys, Mason and Cole-Born Dec 11th 2008 at only 24 weeks. Mason, our first born was with us for a precious 6 hours…and then, after 40 unforgettable days, our little star Cole slipped away. The days and weeks that followed were a haze of heartache, tears, denial and indescribable pain. Searching and reaching for a way to connect with people who might understand, I found myself on the internet, and I was drawn to your Names in The Sand site. The tears flowed and I was just amazed….with your help, my boys would finally get to see the world…the be outside and feel the sun and sea air. The pieces you did for me hang in our living room, part of a collage made up of their photos, as well as a photo of our son Harley, who is now almost two . Thank you for helping me along the journey. Winning the set would be fantastic
    Sandra Sangster

  207. Amazing…simply amazing. So fitting and so sweet. My best friend’s baby passed just over a month ago and your pictures and story make me believe that wherever he may be now he is happy.

  208. When I was pregnant with Joel I drew a pair of monarch butterflies for my husband who had injured his back. Now, when I see a monarch butterfly I know that Joel is near. I now draw butterflies and stars and this helps me to feel close to Joel. I was never encouraged in art either and now it is very therapeutic for me in my grief process. Thankyou Carly for your wonderful work, your story is truly inspirational.

  209. Beautiful, inspiring, touching. I love seeing your work. Thank you for sharing the peace you have found. It’s been almost a year since I lost my baby girl and my heart aches every day.

  210. Amanda Ryan says:

    What you do Carly is truly amazing. You are an inspiration.

  211. Leanne Parker-Osbon says:

    Your story has tears running down my face I lost my little pip end of August 2011 & the pain is still so raw I’m approaching his due date in march I never got scan pics or saw him at all & that for me is one of the hardest things march 19th will b a very hard day your work is beautiful and an inspiration & comfort to see x

  212. Carmen Hopper says:

    Hi Carly – your an inspiration and an amazing woman. Thankyou for the beautiful gift you give to those who have lost.
    Our son Mitchell was stillborn in July 2010 at 27 weeks and you have done a name in the sand for him – it is framed and adornes our lounge wall room.
    We were devasted in December 2010 when we lost our little girl Ellie at 14 weeks gestation – to lose one baby was heartbreaking to lose two within 5 months was and still is unfathomable.
    Mitchell’s beautiful name in the sand is a daily reminder to us that although life can be unfair and cruel it can also be breathtakingly beautiful – the sunset gives us the promise that as the sun sets on one day a new day will dawn with new hope.
    Thank you for giving us the gift of beauty and hope.

  213. Bless your heart for everything you do. I have 2 losses, And find your strength inspiring.

  214. Oh sweet Carly, that is the most awe-inspiring story I have read. I feel so priviledged to share your story. How true about how much beauty we can find from our devastation of loss. You have drawn some amazing work for me and my Jacinta (I am forever eternally grateful). I am sure that Christian is so proud of what you do, not only for yourself, your family but for so many others who when they think there is nothing to look forward to, your artwork brings a sense of peace, humility and joy. It tells us as parents, that they did exist and that they are remembered.

    You truly have a special gift – and if only your highschool teachers could see you now, they would be the ones failing – for they never really saw you for yourself and your originality. You are an inspiration to all of us who sadly have lost beloved child/ren but also an angel, here to send us grieving parents a message that our children are ok and that eventually we will heal, but never forget.

  215. Just found this page n omg hun maybe there is hope. I lost my son Archie James on Fri the 13th May 10 n all I want is a vision an image
    somethin to make me believe what I believed before I want to believe in spirits n after life n angels again but I just can’t the only dreams I have r bad about his tiny body n the pain he felt in his 36 hour fight I hope one day mine n his world colide just like urs did x

  216. Carly, your work is beautiful and gives peace to so many. Thank you for everything you do.

  217. lisa giles says:

    Ur work is amazing as an angel mummy to 7 babies I find this so heart warming , I have no living children and due to all my losses I have lost both my tubes as I have just turned 30 I am just starting my 1st cycle of ivf which I’m terrified , I get my strength from being able to keep 2 of my angel babies graves perfect and always look for precious gifts to put on there graves and always light candles for my other 5 angels who I lost early in my pregnancy , this has been the hardest 2 years of my life and 3 near death experiances due to operations and ectopics , what sites like yours give us is a sence we are not alone as I first felt at the begining and became servely depressed I would like to say a huge thank you to you along with many other site who give us a voice to grieve and show our emotions for the angels we soo wish were here so thank you. Would love this picture to put above my bed and have my angels sleeping above me each night xx

  218. x x Beautiful artwork from a beautiful person x x

  219. Stacy barrett says:

    Thank you Carly for your precious time and thoughts that go into the sand. I have only given your art as healing to others and they are overwhelmed when I tell them your amazing story. I am from Georgia in the USA. I too have suffered loss of my twin girls at 22 weeks. I would love to win a butterfly to hang in my home to bring more peace. Your art work is beautiful. Thank you dearly for your work.

  220. Karen Morrison says:

    Beautiful story, Beautiful pictures and I would imagine a beautiful lady behind it all xx

  221. Rebecca Morales says:

    Your work is beautiful Carly, thanks for all you do.

  222. Kristen Pentz says:

    I would love to win this set not for myself (although my daughter Abigail was born at 26 weeks and lived for an hour and forty-seven minutes before she died in my arms0, but for one of the moms where my youngest daughter Leah was born. Leah spent 89 days in the NICU before she joined our family at home. I know firsthand how hard it is to lose a baby and compound that with the NICU struggle. I’d love to gift this set to another grieving family.

  223. Chris Hayes says:

    My wife and I lost our twins @ 20 weeks and to this day we still really don’t know why.. Everything was going perfectly and then it seemed almost in a blink of an eye they were gone. She is now pregnant and around 16 weeks, I just dread the 20 week mark because I just want to hold their brother or sister so bad.!!! I think what you are doing is truly amazing and I think that you are providing some peace to families and may God bless you and your family. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do…

  224. This coming February 12th will be the one year anniversary of losing my son Cayden at the tender age of seven. He was a vibrant, silly, caring little boy. Learning to live with his loss the past year has been a struggle, but I continue to push forward knowing that he is safe in the arms of Jesus. I find comfort and hope in knowing I will one day see his beautiful face again. I started working on a website after he passed away, but it has been on hold as it was too painful. At some point, I hope to continue it.

    Thank you for what you do…your website is one of few out there that I was able to find some peace in while going through this devastating loss.

  225. Thank you for your work. I miss my boys, Logan and Archer everyday, and wonder why they can’t be with me. Looking at your work and website always gives me a sense of peace.

  226. Kim Ellis says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I love what you do for us and to honor Christian.

  227. I don’t know if I can participate as I live in Italy…. but anyway….. I just wanted to say that what you do in memory of Christian is Beautiful!

    Maria with Thea in her Heart.

  228. Sarah James says:

    Such beautiful work. You give help to so many people. To have people like you in the world makes the days brighter. Thank you.

  229. Thanks for all the support! It is wonderful knowing i”m not alone! Such beautiful artwork! LOVE it!

  230. Stephanie L says:

    I heard about you and your work at a support group for pregnacy loss my husband and I attended last night for the first time. My baby boy was stillborn this Jan. 9th and I was 34 weeks. As I sit here writing this, tears stream down my face. I am having such a had time and don’t understand any of this. All it takes is one second to change your world and you forever. Unfortunately I am finding no peace in anything right now. My daughter is keeping me sane and going thankfully. Thank you for your story and the work you have done for people. It amazes me the kindness of people I have now found since dealing with our loss.

  231. What a beautiful way to honour our lost children.

  232. There is such a beauty about your work Carly, both aesthetically but in your heart also. Thank you for all that you do for parents like us.

  233. Renae Bragg says:

    For my angels

  234. stephanie Deane says:

    my two angels georgie and bernie will forever be in my heart and sunset is a time when i sit and think of them. writing their name in sand at sunset would be an extremely beautiful and postive thing to do x

  235. I love your work and think it’s an amazing thing that you do for so many families.

  236. Carly, what a lovely way to show our love for our little ones. Our Emmy Robin is gone from this Earth but it is a great comfort to know that she will always be ours and we will forever be hers. What a gift it would be to have that thought captured do perfectly as I feel you have.

  237. lori sullivan says:

    Carly, I share your story so often. I love you and your ministry so much, you help healing in so many. Youve written my sweet Kinsey and Kylees name quite awhile ago…id love to have actualphotos of your beautiful work. God bless you always. Love, Lori xoxo

  238. Jessica Webster says:

    I lost my daughter in August 2011. It has been the Faces community and our local bereavement support group that saw me through my darkest days. I am saddened by each story I have heard, but please know your loss is not forgotten. Know you and your babies have comforted me, I do not feel alone in this journey. We would love to have Claudia’s name in the sand…we are so far from the beach!
    Thank you everyone! XO

  239. I’m glad I found you..your work is so beautiful! All of your hard work is very much appreciated.
    You have such a big heart. Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us..

  240. Karen O'Neil says:

    This is sooo beautiful. I have found myself attempting to be more crafty after I lost my little man at 15 weeks. That first Christmas was unbearable to go shopping so I made ornaments for family. This past Christmas I did it again because I’d had such a good time. I think I will continue to lose myself in making ornaments for the holidays.

  241. Carly your work is beautiful and I am so grateful to have the pictures you’ve done for my Aiden <3

  242. I love your artwork. Absolutely beautiful. My daughter’s birthday is coming up in April and we plan to take a trip that week. I was hoping to do something similar like this on the beach for a “happy birthday” message to her, but I know it won’t be as beautiful as what you are capable of!

  243. I love your artwork. It’s so inspiring & special! I would love to have a picture done for my Gavin Michael! <3

  244. First timer here, and I love it. Thanks

  245. I hope its not to late to enter! I would love to have this for my daughter Angel Grace. She passed away in december of 2010.

  246. Kristina Hauser says:

    Hi My name is Kristina Hauser. I was interested in putting in a entrie for a contest. I love what your doing. I lost my son almost 6 years ago to sids he was 3 weeks old. And jan 27th I lost my best friend my sister to cancer. Im hurting so much right now. And it would be nice to have something with both there names.

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