Mom to Madison Grace Morales

Stillborn on September 12th, 2010

Arlington, TX

September 11th means the same thing to mostly everyone, the day the twin towers fell. But to me September 11th, 2010 marks the day that in my opinion my world fell apart.

I was twenty four weeks pregnant ( six months ) when I started to notice something wasnt right. It had been a few days, maybe even a week since I had felt Madison move, I told my mom, but she assured me that Madison was ok, that she was asleep or that she moved in my sleep. Friday September 9 we bought Mads’ crib, and got me some extra maternity clothes for my ever growing belly! That next morning I had to go to defensive driving but still wasnt feeling well so I asked my mom to drop me off and pick me up. It was about twenty minutes after I got there that I started feeling strangely uncomfortable, I didnt realize I was having such serious contractions so close together, so I stayed the six hours at defensive driving.

When my mom picked me up she was startled as to how sick I looked so she decided to take me to the hospital. We waited at the hospital for hours before finally they listened and could not find a heart beat, then they did a sonogram to make sure, and still no heartbeat. The doctors came back and told me that my pregnancy had stopped and that  I had to be transported to a more equipped hospital, my boyfriend had arrived by that time and we were all devastated.

I was in labor for 29 hours and at every turn I was hoping for answers as to what happened and what went wrong with my precious Madison, but there was no obvious reason.

At 9:03 September 12th, 2010 I delivered Madison at 1 pound 8 ounces, 11 inches long, with a tiny bit of hair and a nose just like her daddy’s. After delivering her we ran every test imaginable to still come back unsure of what happened. We chose to cremate her, and to this day we dont know what went wrong, all we know is the love of our lives in now in Heaven. It’s been a little over a year, and my heart still yearns for my innocent baby who was taken too soon. Madison forever lives in our hearts. Mads mommy and daddy, mimi and nana, we all miss you soo much. 

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