Mom to My’Kel Tyrone

January 19th, 2011

Newport, KY

My name is Missy, I am a thirty-one year old female who resides in Newport, KY.  My life is a walking dream, and I wish someone could awaken me from it.

On January 17, 2011 I was woke up by severe pains coming from my lower back, belly, and right leg.  I assumed that they were nothing more than pains from an on the job injury that caused me to take some time off work.  I was on crutches for over a month due to a stressed femur in my right thigh, along with a stressed thigh muscle on top of the femur. For two days I laid around the house tolerating the pain and sometimes taking the Vicodin that were prescribed to me from my specialist.  Time went on and a few days later the pain became unbearable.  On January 19, 2011 at approximately 5:00 a.m., I decided I couldn’t take the pain any longer and I got up using my crutches to take a shower.

I kept telling myself that I needed to hurry as fast I could to shower, get dressed, and go to the hospital. I made it to the shower but the more I moved, the sharper the pains became.  What was only seconds apart seemed like an eternity when the pains hit.  The more my lower area hurt, the more intense each pain became.  My entire body felt like it was shutting down on me, but yet seconds later I was back to myself, focusing on trying to shower so that I could leave.  I kept my balance by holding on to the shower wall and quickly got out, leaving behind my crutches.  I then walked across the hallway to my bedroom to get dressed but began to feel a burning, tearing sensation from the inside.  Afraid of what was going on, I quickly dried off but felt something unusual.  The tip of my son’s head was out of my body. Before I knew it, his entire head was lying in the palm of my hand.  His body then slid out and I caught him with the towel that I was drying off with.  My son was not breathing and his umbilical cord was no longer connected to him.  I began to yell for my boyfriend because I was afraid.  While I tried to revive my child, my boyfriend dialed 911.  Within minutes they were there, but it was too late…My’Kel was gone.  He was taken by the coroner and I remained in the hospital in the maternity unit for four days due to complications after birth.

On January 19, 2011 I was blessed, but yet I was cursed!  I had given birth to a stillborn son in my home, who I named My’Kel Tyrone, after my father.  My son died of natural causes which I can’t seem to understand because his organs came back perfect!  I’ve only seen my son twice—the night I gave birth to him in my bedroom alone, and not again until his funeral.  My’Kel was a 22 inch long, 7 pound, 4 ounce baby.  The only pictures and memories I have of my son are in a coffin!

After burying my son on January 28, 2011, I decided no one should go through the pain that I feel daily!  I created The My’Kels Angels Infant Loss Foundation.  It was born out of my personal loss.  As I struggle through the days and months that follow his death, I become more determined that no one should have to face the loss of their baby alone.  With the grace of God and the encouragement of My’Kels Angels®, we work hard to make a difference in the lives of children!  I successfully filed to become an official non-profit organization with the State of Kentucky and I trademarked our logo.

We now have seventeen members who help to support events that benefit children through various charities. So far we’ve participated in and hosted several events:

  • The March for Babies: We walked a six mile marathon and raised $540 which was donated to the March for Babies.
  • The FREE Family Charity Skate Night:  To enter and skate, one brand new toy, book or cash donation was to be made. We collected 80 toys, over 30 books and $140, which were donated to the children who reside in or pass through Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.
  • Carwash Fundraiser:  This event was held for a sixteen year old murder victim who had no insurance.  We unfortunately never had the pleasure of knowing him, but his story touched our hearts.  We washed cars in the blazing sun from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and raised $240. The money we earned was spent on his very own urn because his grandmother didn’t have the funds to purchase one for him.
  • My’Kels Angels Infant Loss Awareness Wristbands:  We had custom wristbands made, which will continue to be given out to anyone who wants to wear them in support of Infant Loss Awareness.  Our wristbands are free and we’re mailing them out for free. The purpose of this is to find out who truly supports this cause, and to provide those who do with an opportunity to openly express their support.  Once you have the wristband in hand, you must take a picture wearing it, upload it to Facebook, and tag My’Kels Angels in the picture, including exactly what state you are supporting the cause from.  We are mailing the wristbands to wherever they’re being requested from, no matter how far.
  • My’Kels Angels Have HOPE Online Fundraiser:  This fundraiser is through www.bearsofhope.com.  We are aiming to raise money for Bears of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support and we are gladly welcoming any contribution, great or small, that you can make! For every $45 that we raise, a Bears of Hope Gift will be donated in honor of my baby, to support another family who lost their baby.  This fundraiser runs until October 28, 2011.
  • The Laugh Now, Cry Later Comedy Show:  This is our biggest event for Infant Loss Awareness Month, coming up this October.  The way we see it, most families who are grieving over the loss of a baby will have even more difficulty getting through this month.  So we’ve teamed up with a local comedy club and created, My’Kels Angels Presents:  “The Laugh Now, Cry Later” Comedy Show.  We have a list of comedians to perform, thanks to the comedy club.  In return, half of the proceeds will be donated to the charity of our choice, Kicks for Kids!  The official date hasn’t yet been determined, as the details for this event are still in the making.  Stay tuned!
  • 2011 Princess of Newport Pageant:

    On August 13, 2011 at 11:00 a.m., My’Kels Angels will be receiving our first award for all the work that we’ve done for charities and children. We are truly honored!

My life is forever changed but I intend to live it day by day honoring my son by helping children in need!  If anyone is interested in contributing to any of the events that we hold by sharing an event idea, participating, becoming a My’Kels Angel, or if you simply want to show your support for Infant Loss Awareness by wearing a wristband, please contact us…We ship ANYWHERE for FREE!  It’s amazing how many people across the world are reaching out and supporting us.  People living as far away as England and Ghana have requested wristbands from us to show their support! May God bless us all.
Missy can be contacted at www.mykelsangels@yahoo.com

You can find My’Kels Angels on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002325221628


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