Annie McKenney

Mom to two Angels

Brewster NY


My name is Annie McKenney and I live in Brewster NY. I am 37 years old and I love being a mom.

My husband Brendan and I are the parents of 4 living children, the oldest two are Ashley,17 & Daniel, 12 and are from my first marriage. We added Jack, 3 and Liam, 13 months to the clan and all 4 were easy, uncomplicated pregnancies. We unexpectedly conceived when Liam was 3 months old and lost that baby, Brendan Francis at 12 weeks 1 day. Genetic testing revealed a normal baby boy.

We knew immediately that we wanted to try again and got the go ahead from our dr to start trying in March and by April we were pregnant again. We were excited but I was an absolute wreck until 12 weeks when we saw a feisty baby on the ultrasound with a strong heartbeat of 180. I exhaled…a little. For me one missed miscarriage was enough to take the innocence right out of a pregnancy. I went to the doctor last Thursday for my 16 week appointment and I had to see that ultrasound screen with a lifeless baby on it again. I was supposedly 16 weeks but the baby measured just shy of 14 weeks. I had a second D&C this past Friday(7/22/11), just 4 days after what was Baby Brendan’s due date.

Ironically too, I was due with this last baby the same day we found out Brendan’s heart had stopped beating. Life is so cruel isnt it? We should have some results from genetic testing that is being done on the baby by next Friday. I am convinced more and more that there is something deeper going on because there is no way I believe there was something wrong with the baby I saw squirming and jumping just 4 weeks before. I think the drive to find what is causing this is what is keeping me from losing my marbles right now. I thank you so much for reading our story. I am starting to feel less and less alone in this journey.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I cannot possibly express how terribly sorry for the loss of your precious angels. I have 3 little girls ages 7, 3, and 4. Last year I had two miscarriages back to back…basically 6 months btw the two…it was the worst thing I’ve ever been through. My second loss was double the pain b/c I lost a set of twins. I also ended up severely hemmorraging from that miscarriage and ended up in the emergency room with a blood transfusion and an emergent D&C. I just do not understand what has happened to my body, why it has betrayed me. I had 3 healthy children…only one had a problem, which thank God was easily corrected shortly after her birth and she is perfectly healthy now. I went to a reproductive endocrinologist who ran a bunch of blood tests on me as well as giving me an HSG. I do have a reason for my first miscarriage….my daughter had Turner’s Syndrome, which I actually found out results 99% of the time in miscarriage. However, the tests on my twins came back normal. I had two positive tests for slighty positive anticardiolipin antibodies, which is a clotting issue. My doctor told me to start taking baby aspirin, but I could not take it b/c of my severe gerd. I’m waiting to see if perhaps they can do more for me b/c I do not want to go through another miscarriage, but I desperately want another child. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Be strong, don’t give up hope, and push for any and all testing you want or feel that you need…you deserve answers!! My midwives were convinced I’m simply having bad luck, but how can you go from having relatively easy pregnancies and healthy births to back to back miscarriages? I wish you the very best sweetie…keep your chin up!

  2. And is is a journey Annie. Hopefully next week will give you and Brendan the answers you so long for. This
    is one of the hardest things you will both go thru. Be strong, and know that we love you both so much. We
    will never forget our little grandbabies in heaven. Each couple will grieve differently. Actually each
    individual will griev very differently. Just support one another and try to keep your faith. Love, Patty and

  3. Alyssa Vargas says:

    Annie I am so sorry for your loss. On 7/25/2011 my son was born, i was only 20 weeks along. Believe me when I say that I know your pain and I know its difficult. I hope that with time and lots of support you find the peace you look for and know that you and your babies will be in my prayers!

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