Mom to Uriah Daniel

Jan.3 2010 – Jan. 5, 2010

Galesburg, MI

When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked.  I had a 16 year old and a 9 year old.  I was thrilled though.  My family and I couldn’t wait.  We found out we were having a boy and chose his name together.  We worked on his little nursery, and bought all the baby stuff.  He couldn’t get here fast enough.

My doctors were worried because I was close to 40 years old and had Lupus.  They did over 20 ultrasounds during the pregnancy and tons of blood work. Everything came back normal.  We were thrilled to be having a healthy baby boy.

A few days after his due date I woke in the middle of the night and noticed that he had the hiccups.  They weren’t normal hiccups…he would sort of hiccup 3 times pause and then repeat.  I felt bad for him but figured they would be gone shortly.  I woke early in the morning and noticed the poor little guy still had the same weird hiccups.  I called my OB and he instructed us to go to the hospital.

After getting checked in and admitted to the delivery floor we waited with anticipation.  All signs looked good for a healthy baby.  A couple hours later I delivered a pink chubby baby boy.  They suctioned him, but couldn’t get him to breathe.  They paged the NICU doctor, and after evaluating my son he said they weren’t sure what was going on but they wanted to take him to the NICU and check him out.

My baby boy, Uriah Daniel, only lived 2 days.  He never took a breath on his own.  He never cried. He looked perfect, but was unable to breathe.  The doctors never knew for sure what happened.  They believe a few days before he was born he somehow laid on his umbilical cord and cut off his oxygen supply.  This caused severe brain damage resulting in his inability to breathe on his own.

I miss my son every day.  We found out 6 weeks later that I was pregnant again.  We were thrilled to welcome a new little boy into our family just a few months later.   God has been so good to us.  He helped us walk through the grief and then blessed us with such a wonderful gift…Asher Oliver.

Hannah blogs at http://hannahssimplethoughts.blogspot.com/

You can contact her at jessesgirl8@gmail.com



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