Mom to Baby Boy, Stillborn in the 7th month of pregnancy

and Baby Girl, Stillborn at 26 weeks

Miami, Florida

My name is Elvisay Vazquez, 51 years old, and I have lost two babies in stillbirth.

One happened when I was 25 years old, and  at 7th month pregnancy. His heart stopped and the doctor didn’t say why it happened. Then I changed to another doctor, got pregnant again and had a boy, with a very tough treatment of heparin during 6 months, twice a day and a lot of stress. He was born perfectly, with no problems at all, thanks God!. Now he is 24 years old.

But when he was 8 years old, I decided to have another baby, thinking that everything was going to be ok. I already moved to USA, that was in 1995. I got pregnant with a baby girl but when I was 26 weeks her heart stopped…And I had to have another C section. Devastated?. Yes. Upset?. Very much. I always wanted to have a girl, that was my dream!. But it couldn’t be, so my husband and I decided not to try anymore and keep busy with raising my awesome boy, who it became my everything!. He is the best boy in the world (I know every mother say the same thing!!) and I couldn’t ask for more. And he is going to be a Lawyer!!!

Now I saw this article in the paper and then I realized that I’m not alone in this matter. And I decided to share my story to give support to those that have had the same experience. After all this storms, I decided to do something for my self, something that I love which is photography, and now I have a career, I’m a professional photographer, with my web (elvisay.smugmug.com) and do a lot of exhibits, photo sessions, etc, and my life  has turned to be very pleasant. I never faced depression, I didn’t want to. My son needed me full time, and life is to beautiful to waste it!. My only wish is to help and show to you, women that had the same situation, that we are very strong and there’s always a light and the end of the tunnel!. Believe it!.
You can visit Elvisay’s photography site at elvisay.smugmug.com


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  1. What an amazing attitude in the face of two huge losses. I also try to stay positive, but sometimes it’s so hard. Sending many prayers

  2. Thanks for comment! Be positive and keep your mind busy! It’s a big help, trust me!
    A big hug!

  3. Suzanne H says:

    You are an amazing woman with an amazing outlook – thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Suzanne for your comment! It hasn’t been easy, let me tell you, but reading all this blogs and seeing that there’s a lot of women living this awful experience of losing babies, with no control over the situation, makes you feel stronger and gives you energy to keep supporting them because YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!! That’s it, and only us know what you feel when you loose a baby! Thanks again and have a beautiful life!

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