Mom to 
Abigail Frances Bacon, born still at term December 6th, 2003
and Anne Elise Bacon, born April 28th, 2005, died June 28th, 2005
Albuquerque, New Mexico
I’m Vickie, 48 & married since 1985. We have a grown son, who defied the odds & was born in 1986. I had a D&C later that autumn to resolve a miscarriage that didn’t resolve on its own.

I went barren thereafter until January 2003 when I had a naturally resolved miscarriage at home in my bathroom. It was awful, and I must confess that the D&C was a much easier experience in spite of my fears of the anesthesia (I’ve since named those miscarriages Itty & Bitty).

Then to my utter shock & gleeful surprise I fell pregnant again in late March of 2003. It was October when we decided to name her Abigail, and we anxiously expected her to arrive just a couple weeks before Christmas. The pregnancy was wonderful & we were very excited to be so blessed, and Abigail was in fact born December 6, 2003 @ 6:18pm – Sadly & so very preventably, Abigail was pronounced dead in utero December 4th thanks to a practice of outlandishly horrid medical providers masquerading as knowledgeable professionals. Consequently, I delivered her lifeless body on December 6, 2003 after a lengthy & sorrowed labor. Abigail may have been born still, but she was still born & is still very loved. And thus, we lovingly
wrapped our very special Christmas package & tucked her gently  under the sod for safe keeping. She poignantly reminded us why we keep Christmas in the first place, and what a Gift the Manger has given us.

Long story short, we were blessed 16 months later with a 3rd miracle child (pre-menopausal ovulation that came a decade too late). Regardless of God’s timing, we were so very excited to be anticipating another long-awaited girl. Anne came into the world on April 28, 2005 after yet another wonderful pregnancy. Sadly, it was discovered in the days after her birth that she had a heart defect caused by trisomy 18. Her trisomy diagnosis deemed her “ineligible per hospital policy” for ANY type of specialized cardiac care. And thus, Anne was tossed under the bus before she even had a chance to prove herself. In spite of her vigor, remarkable growth & vibrant will to survive, without the cardiac care she needed, Anne ultimately died-–it was sudden & unexpected since she’d been doing so very well. But congestive heart failure got the best of her just before midnight on June 28, 2005. In our eyes, her death will always be as preventable & treatable as Abigail’s was–there were medical options that would have saved both my girls had just one doctor bothered to care.

It continues to sorrow us greatly that our children were so abandoned by our medical system, and that they ultimately paid for the doctors’ unspeakable neglect with their lives.  Anne was 61derful days old when she left her mama’s arms & went to cuddle in the loving arms of our Lord until the Day of Resurrection. She was a wonderful sparkly child, who along with her siblings, are the subject of most of my writings, interests & hobbies.

For now they doth slumber in cemetery yonder,
Such Treasures In Heaven, our hearts always ponder;
The best Gift of Christmas isn’t babe from the womb,
But His promise of Rebirth and His Empty Tomb ♥

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